Pointer: The Carnival of Feminists

There's a fantastic online resource for those interested in feminism: The Carnival of Feminists. This post is a brief introduction for those who aren't familiar with it.

The Carnival of Feminists is a regular, rotating collection of links that have been compiled by an editor, or "host". The hosts rotate with each issue; all hosts are volunteers.

The most recent edition, Issue 9, is edited by Cardiff-based team-blog Mind the Gap.

Natalie Bennett is the Carnival Organizer. Her primary blog is the excellent feminist history blog, Philobiblon, but she also has a cultural blog, My London Your London.

What's all the fuss about?

What can the Carnival do for you as a reader?

The Carnival of Feminists can introduce you to new blogs; it can raise your awareness of issues, and increase your feminist knowledge. It can sharpen your critical thinking skills when it comes to the complexities of feminist thought. And it's a pleasure to read!

Furthermore, the Carnival provides a bridge across feminist networks, sparking conversations between various sectors of the feminist blogging community (e.g., radical feminists, women of color, caucasian feminists, upper, middle, and lower-class feminists - the list goes on). This cross-fertilization strengthens feminism as a movement, enriches our personal blog reading practices, and breaks down habitual thinking within the feminist community.

What can the Carnival do for you as a feminist blogger?

It enjoys a wide readership, so inclusion is a must for feminist bloggers who crave more traffic and more dialogue in the comments section at their blogs.

The next issue will be hosted at Indian Writing on March 8. Nominations should be sent by 5th March to indianwriting AT gmail DOT com. Or you can use the submission form.

Previous issues are "archived" at the official The Carnival of Feminists blog, and provide great rainy-day (or even sunny-day!) reading.

The following is a summary of issues to date, followed by the blog host:

Issue 1: Philobiblon
Issue 2: Personal Political
Issue 3: Sour Duck
Issue 4: The Happy Feminist
Issue 5: Scribblingwoman
Issue 6: Reappropriate
Issue 7: Feministe
Issue 8: Gendergeek
Issue 9: Mind the Gap

If you'd like to be considered as a future host, contact Natalie Bennett.

Further reading:

Bonus link: "Being a 'Public Feminist' can only be a good thing" - Philobiblon

Melinda Casino, Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck / Sour Duck's Link Blog