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I am a terrible snob about radio. It's not that I don't like pop, I really do, I'm just, well, picky. (And maybe, old and cranky.) Much to my own detriment, I make fun  of our Alpine radio stations all the time, but that's because I'm a Seattle girl and I get the outstanding KEXP. Thank god for internet radio, which lets me listen to the most excellent of DJ's, Nic Harcourt, at KCRW. Here in our little valley, we get the abominable Oe3 (Radio 3), and a multilanguage station called FM4. For a while around Christmas time, FM4 had degraded, maybe their regulars were on vacation, but they're back on track now, if you ask this dilletante listener. FM4 plays decent new music of all flavors and seems to stay away from the travesty of Europop. (I said I was a snob, you don't have to flame me.)

A lot of Europe must be more forgiving than I am. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, it's held in Greece and the pop music blogosphere is alive with commentary.

The webmistress of Dirrrty Pop is shameless in her admiration of Europop with her "Who Needs Guitars?" tagline. She's amazing in her contintental coverage, keeping her eyes - and ears - on pop music across the continent. For video and streaming music links that showcase Europop, try Video Killed the Radio Star.

There's critical commentary about "showbusiness, ethnopolitics, and sometimes both at once" at the Illyrian Gazette.

For brutal insta-reviews of this year's contestants, try this post at Hello Copenhagen. TV Troll at Londonist alludes to the upcoming American knock off of the Eurovision Song Contest. The folks putting together the American version might do well to take note fo the suggested rules at Issavienojums' Live Journal site.

And hey, it's radio. You need to listen. Try ESC radio. (Disclaimer: Buffering is behaving very oddly this morning.)

Pam blogs from Austria at Nerd's Eye View.