Why People Travel Blog and Why They Stop

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The funny thing about travel and blogging is that they are both slightly anti-social while they also create new social connections. Think about it: a long trip can lead you to meet new people in different places, but at the same time, the traveler loses connections at home. It's clear that many people have come to use travel blogs as a way to keep in touch with important people at home. At the same time, blogging, whether about travel or on any topic, is a very solitary activity. The blogger sits at a computer and taps away instead of spending quality time with friends, family, whoever. Yet blogging also forges new relationships as strangers get to know one another by reading others' blogs. Quite a balancing act and a nice prescription for burnout, if I do say so myself. So why do travelers blog and why do they stop?

On the positive side of the equation is India Ink. Basia Kruszewska, Ph.D. has maintained a blog on her trip to India for 3 years. She writes that "My blog is a way for me to stay connected with family and friends while in a far-away land, and to share my experiences of this journey with them... My only aim is to tell you what's going on inside my head, and relay what I'm seeing and hearing on this journey. It's not the purpose of this blog to tell you everything there is to know about India. I don't claim to be objective or thorough or unbiased. It's just me talkin' here, and sending you an electronic postcard!" A perfect definition of a travel blog - I could not have said it better myself!

Sometimes the scale tips too far to the other end. In WarsawtoParis, Anne has been blogging since April 2005. She's been at it for almost a year, and yet she recently noted that it has become a bit of a drag to blog about her activities. How many other bloggers are out there who don't have the courage to admit they need a temporary break? I hope that Anne will come back. Her pictures are wonderful.

So many bloggers suddenly stop posting. Full Circling the Globe by Nancy White is another great blog with lovely photographs of things she saw on her travels. Sadly, it has not been updated since October 2005.

Anyway, I thought these were interesting blogs that illustrate what we all struggle with - the need to get away, the yearning to keep in touch with those left behind, and how these can create new pressures that we we need to escape.


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