Canadian political blogs bring the sweetness with the tart

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I wanted to profile some Canadian she-bloggers who talk about politics. I admit that I do not currently have any on my blog roll and until recently did not have any on my radar. The Province where I live is especially politically conservative and we recently elected a conservative Prime Minister. I was able to find a lot of blogs about conservative or "right wing" politics or even libertarian. However, I thought since this is my first BlogHer profile of Canadian political blogs, I would try and find some more along my own bent. That is me! Pushing my own agenda! I will tell you about blogs that differ from my mind set the next time I talk politics and blogging in Canada.

Bitter Lemon actually talks a lot about world politics and news. She is writing from Toronto, Canada's largest city, but not our capital (just in case you didn't know). Helen is also quite funny and biting in her commentary, which I really appreciate. I have the attention span of a gnat, so snappy writing helps me get intrigued. Intrigued I am. Here is a snippet.

Suddenly everyone cares about Darfur! And by cares about it, I mean are willing to pay it lip service. Not, you know, do anything about it. The U.S. has been pressuring the U.N. to take more action and encouraging increased NATO involvement. This all sounds very good, unless you listen close enough to understand that nobody is talking about a serious military commitment that could actually stop the genocide.

Maybe if we all read her more, she will post everyday and keep us all more up to date in her witty and tart way.

My other recommendation today is lotusland - nervous politics from a laid-back city. She is writing from the west coast, which is closer to me than Toronto, so she probably feels my conservative pain more acutely. She is also way younger and way smarter than me. She, like me, is also opposed to the stupid notion of Western Alienation that is so hot hot hot right now. If you think Quebec gets pissed at our Federal government you should hear the oil rich, reed neck, western provinces yammer about being put-upon. It seems she also loved a math nerd, so we are more alike the more I read.

Here is a nugget:

referencing "ethnic solidarity" in a conspiratorial way is also racist. why do acate than accusations of a white voting bloc? racism, man. people dont even think about the existence of a white voting bloc because people think white is the default. the only white voting bloc i've seen referenced conspiratorially was that of the christian right (and theyre not all white anyway).

See, she is funny too. I guess I just can't take my political commentary with some sugar.