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God bless the Belgians. They gave us two critical food groups: pralines and "french" fries. They also make a mighty fine beer and produce bajillion pounds of premium chocolate every year.

I'm thinking about Belgium since I e-met Wandering Woman. Currently, instead of wandering, she's blogging while she waits in that weird no-man's land of not having her immigration status sorted.

The bloggers of Belguim are a busy bunch. (Five times fast, please.)  There's Daily Dog's odd randomness. And the Angry Blog. Register and get your rant on. Silvana at Life in Lasne recently attended her first blogging conference - read her thoughts on it here.

And for multimedia blogging madness that's going to keep you occupied all freakin' afternoon, leading your coworkers to come around and ask, several times, "Where WERE you?! That's the third meeting today you've missed!" head to Frips. Mail art, photography, video, and bloggy goodness. Cancel your meetings, you're gonna be looking at this stuff for a while. You've been warned.

Pam blogs from Austria at Nerd's Eye View.


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