Women Bloggers in Africa Celebrate International Women's Day

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Nancy White posted about the Blog Mentoring in Africa project, run by Ore Somolu and Sokari Ekine that she found from reading Joitske's blog.   I came across Ore's writing via Sokari Ekine's fantastic bridge blogging of the African blogosphere on Global Voices.   (We really need to get these women to blogher conference in July!)

Sokari has a summary on Global Voices on International Women's Day and how African bloggers have choosen to honour African women.  She writes, "We honour our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and daughters.  Women whose names you will not see written in the newspapers or hear on the radio but nonetheless women with courage whose spirits will always remain with us and guide us through our daily lives."

One of the posts/blogs that caught my eye was Sokwanele - This is Zimbabwe and their celebration of the women of Zimbabwa through WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise). 

"WOZA stand out as a group of women who, through non-violent peaceful
action, give a public face and press-friendly words to the experience
that weighs on all women in our country..We honour them not only
because they are undeniably brave, but because we recognise that their
actions give a voice to the experiences of Zimbabwean woman struggling
to survive on a daily basis. And through honouring them we recognise
the courage of all Zimbabwe women battling in these difficult times -
not just for today, but for every day of the year."

(Sokwanele - Zvakwana is a grassroots movement, embracing supporters of
all pro-democratic political parties, civic organizations and
institutions in Zimbabwe. Sokwanele and Zvakwana both mean 'enough is
enough' in the vernacular. So, here's another case study of using Web2.0 for social change.