I would like to see comments at the new BlogHer site in a date/time stamped order, with the first (earliest) comment appearing first, the second chronological comment appearing second, etc., all the way down the thread.

My thinking goes along these lines (and I'd like to hear others chime in, of course)...

1) This seems to be standard for many community blogs:

- the old BlogHer site, of course
- Alas, A Blog
- Blog Sisters
- What She Said!

(just a few)

2) Apart from the issue of whether or not it is standard, it is *intuitive* and *commonly understood* by a wide audience that comes from the blogging and usenet community.

3) I like it. :D

Can we switch the comments here at BlogHer to reflect the more easy-to-understand, standard and intuitive practice...? The alternative system - what is being used in the alpha stage - is a hodge-podge of comments that get jumbled every which way - a sort of "comments soup", if you will.


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