Around the Dial: Pot Luck!

Do you like pot luck parties? I sure do. New food, new flavors, and you can expand your understanding of cooking as you talk to the cooks. In the spirit of pot-luck, I encourage you to sample whatever you're not familiar with - it's all good! (*Cringe* Did I just say "It's all good"?)

Lynne d Johnson points to Mark Anthony Neal in her post, "Understanding Chickheads, Pimps, Golddiggas, and Gangsta Rappers". She cites the extensive work of Anthony, whom she describes as a "black male feminist", as well as Joan Morgan (book: When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: My Life as A Hip Hop Feminist). Taster quote: "Morgan's book hasn't only started a movement, but helped provide insight for any female calling herself either a feminist or womanist who has had to negotiate her love/hate relationship with hip-hop."

Blank Noise Project, a collective formed against street harassment in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, lists the participants to their recent blog-a-thon event in "The spill". The post explains, "Who we are, where we go, what we wear, how we sit, stand, talk, walk in our very own cities. When we demand the need to make our cities non threatening, I don't expect anyone to think of me as their sister or mother, but to really look at women as citizens who have every right to be out on the streets, without any explanation. Sometimes we just love to walk, stand around, hang around, without looking 'available.'" Hat-tip to Scribble Pad.

Eric Stoller examines affirmative action. Taste-test quote: "Six years ago while I was nearing graduation for my undergraduate degree I was asked the following question, 'Aren't you afraid that you won't be able to get a job?' I was not immediately certain as to the context of the question, but upon further inquiry, I soon found that the questioner was worried I would not be hired for jobs because I was white (and a man). This was the first time I had really thought about what affirmative action was, and what it might mean to me."

There's been a whole smorgasborg written about the Academy Awards - here's just one post from Sinister Girl, "boo hiss…": "the female characters are all these one dimensional stereotypes who only serve as catalysts to further the action of the more important male characters. (rich bitch, nagging wife, sexbot, victim, damsel in distress, etc. etc.) and i found it insulting that when a woman was sexually assaulted by a cop, they chose to focus on how it affected her husband instead of how it affected her."

Finally, I cannot resist a familiar dish:

11D responds to some online writings about parenting and class in "Rich Parent, Poor Parent". Sample quote to whet your appetite: "David picks up on the work of Annette Lareau who finds that although working class children are more innocent and enjoy more freedom, they haven't been prepared for economic success as well as upper class kids. (I have copied the whole article below the flap. Take that, Times Select.)"

Melinda Casino
Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck

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