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Hello!! I'm New!

Hello Everyone!!   I'm new to both blogher and this group so I wanted to say hello to you all and take the time to introduce myself! ...more

Newbie saying hello ladies

Hi All,I'm new to BlogHer and this group. Just wanted to introduce myself. It's great to be here and meet you all.I'm an aspiring author of romance novels. I've recently been offered a contract by a publisher so hopefully soon, my first novel will be on the shelves. I love reading and travelling, though I don't get to do much of that at the moment.Originally from Nigeria, I now live in London, UK with my husband and 2 young children.I also have a blog featuring my latest stories about relationships and love. Pop over and say hello....more
Hi nice to meet you! I'm new here too!! That's cool that you're going to be a published ...more

Come and check out my blog about maladaptive behaviors of the general public, adjusting to California life, and difficulties of loosing weight. I'm all over the It's Lady Bloggett Biotch!...more

Hi ladybloggett,

I can't access your blog. Says I have to be ...more

Women of Color and the Educational Plight!

Through my educational and professional career, I have had the opportunity to work with people of color within the spectrum of social services. Through interviews and observation, it was apparent that there is a trend in the African American community where women are not getting a proper education. The shock festered as each day I would interview women in their mid-twenties without their highschool diploma....more


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