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New to the Group!

How wonderful to see a group for us!  I was diagnosed with bi polar disorder about thirteen years ago, my daughter and my younger brother also have the illness.  I am really looking forward to connecting online with other bloggers who share this journey and are expressive through writing!  My blog is located at and I am so excited to share with all of you and get to know you as well! Courtney...more

Brand New on BlogHer, happy to find this group for Bipolar and Depression

Hello,I have sent friend requests to everyone on the group.  It doesn't look like many people are active.  I hope that this group will be vibrant, because we do need to support each other.I am on disability for physical things and Bipolar Depression,It is confusing for me and others for me to be on top of my game, and then mush.  Anybody else feel that way?Nice to meet you!Sally ...more
Hi Sally. I am familiar with the physical-and-mental mush problem. it sounds as if mine is not ...more

Emma's battles

My family has a history of mental illness.  Mental illness is very genetic.  Looking back, I'm failry certain my mother was BiPolar.  I don't remember much of her diagnoses.  She was put in a hospital when I was 7, came home about 6 months later and no one ever talked about it again.  After that point in my life, I don't have very clear memories of her participation in my life.  I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Generalized Anxiety by the time I was 17....more
Susan: It looks like not much is going on in this group! I just happened to be checking in.   I ...more


Mental Health Day BlogHey everyone,I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I'm a 32-year-old author & freelance writer living with bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed back in 2003 and it took about 6 years for me to find the right combination of meds to help me. I am, for the most part, healthy and stable now. That's not to say I never go through cycles, but they're manageable and I can function through them....more

Newbie Here

Hi all!...more


Broken Group Details Zone

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