Around the Dial: "Hustle and Flow", Anorexia Perceptions, Happiness and Feminism

What's going on around the feminist blogosphere? Bloggers respond to mainstream and semi-mainstream media.

Figure: Demystifying the Feminist Mystique sees the Hollywood movie Hustle and Flow, and another feminist blog post is born. She covers intersectionality, poverty, and hip-hop music. Here's but a sample:

“The deeper point to this is two-fold really: one, the idea of being poor and black is generally genedered as male, marginalizing the poor, black women who suffer as well. There is a long history not just in the US, but the world over of racial or ethnic struggles suppressing women's rights movements - this happened in the civil rights era, when black feminists were urged to ignore the oppression of women within their own culture, or be called traitors to the larger movement. In short, people are forced to choose all the time to put one of their identities before the other. And this is not fair. Intersectionality means you don't have to choose - that all your identities make up your Identity, and you get to be all those things at once. To be yourself.”

I Hate People reads an article at about an anorexia study and does a good job of fisking it in a post with teeth, “anorexia genetic? nah”. She opens by quoting a passage from the article and responding:

“Not buying. The data is not strong enough to back any conclusion as such, and frankly this does not in any way account for something that can be explaining WHY this is happening, like the fact that identical (separated) twins have been shown in countless occasions to take similar life paths. Are they gonna tell me that two twin brother that married women with the same name did that because they had a gene that ordered them to??”

And I'm not even quoting the best parts; a must-read.

The Happy Feminist dissects the mainstream media's recent crush on a study that asserts married women with traditional views on gender are more happy than married feminists. From her post, titled “Has the Civil Rights Movement Made African-Americans Happier? (And Other Stupid Questions)”:

“Why the heck am I constantly seeing articles that pose this question of whether feminism makes women happy? It's the wrong question! We never see articles that talk about whether democracy will make the Iraqis happy or whether equal rights for African-Americans have made them happy or whether our civil liberties make us Americans happy. I don't think those who fought the American Revolution said to themselves, 'Wouldn't we be happier if we simply accepted taxation without representation rather than fighting this rather unpleasant war?'”

Hat-tip: Figure: Demystifying the Feminist Mystique

Melinda Casino
Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck


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