Use What You Have.. A Challenge for April

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When a great idea appears, it's hard to ignore.

On March 15th, Simple Sparrow took a pledge that for the month of April, she would Use What I Have.

I was searching through my piles of fabrics and such, I kept coming across things I had bought and forgotten I had. It was a lot actually. I thought this is wasteful. Oh yes, someday I'll use it. Will I really? I just keep stacking more and more stuff on top. With that said, I want to challenge myself, for the month of April, to create only from the things I already have. No buying supplies. Nope. I want to use up some of this lovely fabric, trims, ribbons,yarn, thrifted sweaters etc...that I already have. Just for one month. Would anyone like to join me?

Within days, 60 people have taken the pledge, a button has been created, and a flickr support group has been created.

While this is a fabulous challenge for the Arts/Crafts folks, I'm wondering how we might expand this for everyone?

I have cans and boxes of foods that sounded good in the store, yet remain in my pantry. Can I find the enthusiasm that caused me to pick them up in the first place and (gasp) use them? Read the books I've purchased instead of just buying more?

What "Use What You Have" pledges can you make for the month? Hmm... how would I turn this into a forum topic?


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