Around the Dial: Feminist Roulette Linkfest!

It's a Roulette Wheel for superb feminist blogging! No descriptions this time; just click and read - you can't go wrong…

FrankenGirl - It's Hard Out Here for a Feminist

NewBlackMan - 1231 Fulton Avenue

Feminist Reprise - Germaine Greer on Equality

Femivist - Rape Culture = Spam

The Geeky Feminist - Now with less women

sinister girl - dv as child abuse…

Bitch Ph.D. - Heroine of the Week

Echidne of the Snakes - Affirmative Action for Men

The F-Word Blog - OC Rapists Get 6 Years (with a pointer to Pinko Feminist Hellcat)

Feminist African Sister - Feminist dancing

I'm Not a Feminist, But… - Is it right for my boyfriend to look at lads' mags?

Media Girl - Assumptions behind “the abortion debate”

Feminist Rage Page - Rant about the women in science “issue”

Blac(k)ademic - i am a person of color, for what it's worth

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