Paint It Black

About two weeks ago, I shit a solid gold brick. It fell out of my body, rolled across the floor, and smashed into my television, where an advertisement for the FX show Black.White. was showing.

While I cannot bring myself to watch the show, my severe bodily reaction was brought forth from my brain's inability to process the production of a television show in the year 2006 where PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY PAINTED A DIFFERENT COLOR IN AN ATTEMPT TO SIMULATE A RACIAL EXPERIENCE.

In a world where poverty, bias, and hatred know no boundaries, is it necessary to create a show and hire actors to simulate the ignorance people face on a daily basis? Does painting your skin give you the insight of racial and familial history?

It angers me that we are so lazy and sensationalist that in order to understand the plight of others we would sooner paint our skin than open a book, or actually talk to someone of a different cultural background in order to find some link of commanality.

The "Black Like Me" approach to television is offensive. It's offensive to people of color that are judged daily by the shade of their skin. It's offensive to the only black kid at the punk rock show, for whom listening to Black Flag is a political act.

Also of note: The show is produced by Ice Cube. Ice N.W.A., Boyz in the Hood, Straight Outta Compton motherfuckin' goddamn CUBE. I'm not sure where to go with that. I just find it hilarious.

(apologies for my absence - I just drove from Alaska to Rhode Island and it's taken some time to get my life back in order.)


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