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Photo by Nigel Parry for Newsweek

We were thrilled to see Caterina Fake on the cover of this week's Newsweek Magazine. Caterina is a featured speaker in our Day One Keynote: What's Next? What's next in tech? Is "Web 2.0" hype? Or hip? And what's next once you grab your brass ring?

She'll be addressing those pithy questions, along with Meg Hourihan, and Marnie Webb will be making sure the attendees get in on the action.

Mary Hodder in Newsweek
The story inside is a pretty good run-down of Web 2.0, and the applications and users that make it tick. Rather than use that dreaded Web 2.0 term, though, they are using the term "the living web", which seems like a riff on a term they quoted BlogHer Mary Hodder using:

A more fitting description comes from Mary Hodder, the CEO of a social-video-sharing start-up called Dabble. (Since Dabble has not yet launched, I can't explain exactly what that means.) "This is the live Web," she says.

Photo by Ture Lillegraven for Newsweek

Congrats to Caterina and Mary for some great coverage.


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