Feminist Blogging lands in UK newspaper "The Guardian"

Feminist blogging has been given some mainstream press attention in the United Kingdom.

On March 31, The Guardian - one of the UK's liberal newspapers - ran a piece by Kira Cochrane titled, "The third wave - at a computer near you". The sub-title is intentionally provocative, in the time-honored journalist tradition:

Feminist blogs are booming. But are they globalising emancipation - or just playthings for the rich and well educated?

Echidne of the Snakes (a major feminist blogger who was not mentioned in the piece) took umbrage at this slant, and has written an excellent response to the Guardian piece (and it's not just sour grapes!).

Feminist blogger and Londoner Natalie Bennett (Philobiblon, My London Your London) got some prime column space - most appropriate since she is the founder and organizer of The Carnival of Feminists.

Another blogger quoted in the article is Jessica Valenti (Feministing, Bush v. Choice), probably one of the feminist blogosphere's most high-profile and prolific bloggers.

The journalist speculates just how many feminist bloggers there are online:

"Some of the most popular blogs include Bitch PhD, the F-word, Pandagon, AngryBlackBitch, MindtheGapCardiff [sic] and Gendergeek. A recent estimate put the number of feminist blogs at 240,000, but, given that this posited the number of 'active' worldwide blogs at 4m (some figures put it as high as 27.2m), and the proportion of women who are self-described feminists at 10% (a British survey this month produced a figure of 29%) the true figure could be much higher."

The article ends by giving some generous quotage space to some of the blogs mentioned in the piece, including Emma of team-blog Gendergeek - who also posted her thoughts on the Guardian article in "Feminist blogging an exercise in privilege".

Perhaps the best part about this article is that it ran in the Technology section of the newspaper, which not only emphasized the technical expertise of the bloggers, but brought feminism to a wider cross-section of readers.

Congratulations to all who found themselves mentioned in the article!

Melinda Casino
Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck