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Whimsical Bakehouse

This summer I was introduced to some sunshiny happy little cakes by Kaye and Liv Hansen. The Mother and Daughter baking team will bring a smile to you face and belly. What caught my eye was their use of vibrant color and use of chocolate to create these adorable and yummy decorations for their little cakes. For example, they have birthday cupcakes with edible candles. So fun and pretty. Check out their website and you'll find a gallery of gorgeous cakes, their blog, and recipes for flan, sugar cookies, peanut brittle, and apple crisp. Liv and Kaye are enthusiast baking delights....more

Cake Pops!

If you have not discovered Bakerella, ( and you are a Mom or involved with whimsical people you should! There I said it! I found the bakerella blog a while ago and fell in love with her little treats. She started with simple baking tips and recipes. Then she ventured into cake balls then BAM! cake pops shot through her creative spirit. This is where cute Angie Dudley found her calling. Cake Pops are delicious bit of mixed cake crumble with frosting molded into balls then dipped in to melted chocolate or melted candy wafers....more

Attract people to share their tips and replacements in baking. Helpful hints :)

 I love hearing different ways to do something and replacing ingredients either due to allergin or dont have items. I invite all people that love baking to share there advice and tips. Join the group! I know your out there...more
Anyone still posting here? I love to bake and I have been doing lots of substitutions to make ...more

Baking Novice

Tuesdays are my domestic days where I clean house and attempt to bake something from scratch. I don't remember ever being taught how to bake. It is my experience that although recipes give you instructions, there is always some tip or trick that the "good" bakers use that isn't in the directions. I'm curious as to what type of expertise this group will attract. In addition, I'm looking not only for tips but for inspiration....more

I totally agree with you. I'm hoping for the group to grow and attract inspiration. Be very ...more

Share you baking blog links here. Gain Followers!

I am on a quest to find a favorite brownie recipe. I've chosen 3 recipes to bake and compare. ...more


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