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Looking for other bloggy moms!

Hi! My name is Jeanne' ( ) and I am a mother of 8 very high strung boys. My blog is about surviving life in a large family. Some humor, some realism and some of what is on my mind. Looking forward to exchanging info and getting more viewers for us all! ...more

Looking for foodies, inspiration/motivation and mommies!

My blog is Scarlett's Excellent Adventure I worked in Corporate America before I became a SAHM. My "before" life consisted of web development and budget management. I am now our home's CFO. I am a new blogger and am blogging about my weight-loss journey which has lead to recipe reviews, and SAHM thoughts. I love this blogroll idea and would love to meet other bloggers and share links. I am also looking for a couple of guest bloggers as well....more
I realized I excluded "daddies" in my list of links I'm looking for. I am open to the "daddy ...more

Things My In-laws Say

Share the funny, or not so funny, things your in-laws say!...more

Hello All! looking to trade info on food, fitness and fixins (diy projects)

My name is Shashi and I am a full time mom to an awesome teen, graphic designer by day and blogger by night. I was born and lived in Sri Lanka in my early years, and currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I started my blog recently to keep track of recipes, workouts and home DIY projects....more

DIY-Home & Decor Blogger Looking to Exchange ;-)

I’m Cristi Alyse and my passion for design has taken me from being a Casual Observer - Decorating Dabbler - Furniture Fanatic - to a bonafide Design Diva!!! I love everything about the design process from concept to implementation. My life as an Engineer has sparked a love of all things design including machinery, jewelry, fashion, and of course, Furniture and Home Decor....more


Create better relationships and grow-up with your in-laws and resolve issues with your spouse - for better or for worse!The random thoughts, emotional moments and humorous candor that comes with marriage.  Based on the premise that humor heals all wounds and time just makes for better material. The Good, The Bad and The Funny of being an in-law and whitetail wife and

Is this group still active? It's garden season! Get out the jars!

Just wondering (hoping) if this group is still active?  Doesn't seem like there has been much activity lately.  Too bad we're big into gardening, cooking and preserving the garden, and could use some like-minded friends.   Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

Any food bloggers want to exchange links?

Would like to swap links with anyone blogging about main course dishes, cooking with fresh ingredients (garden to table, etc.), challenging recipes.    Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

Looking to Exchange, Share and Learn with & from You!

Hi everyone,...more
Hi Carmella!  I'm a food blogger also - but gluten free / on again off again vegetarian!  I'm ...more

Inspirational Writing, Looking to Exchange!

Hi!  My name is Courtney and I am a creative writer, published author, speaker, actress, and single mom to four amazing teens!  I am working on my second book and would love to exchange blogs with someone else who writes for motivation, self-help, and inspiration!  I would appreciate your looking at my start up blog at look forward to getting to know others, and can't wait to begin this journey!  Thank you so much for your time!Courtney Frey...more

Would love to help and be helped!


Would love to have a link exchange buddy - Adult Novelty & Lingerie

Hi girls! My blog's premise might not be for everyone, all of my blog posts are under Love & Sex and have adult content. I own an online Adult Novelty & Lingerie store (sex toys, lotions, lingerie, etc) and my blog is the companion site that has great articles on sex, love & relationships and also has product reviews.If anyone's blog would blend in with this, I'd love to share links and possible increase traffic for you! Lovingly Yours,DominaACME Sex Toys...more
Hi LeighAnne! If you are still interested in exchanging blog links, I would be happy to discuss ...more

Looking to exchange! Love this idea.

Hi!My name is Jen Fernicola Ronay (a/k/a Fern Ronay) and I write Stop and Blog the Roses on, where for 365 days I recorded three things I was grateful for every single day (on the 365th day I was grateful it was over! It's hard to blog every day :)).I still blog with at least 7 entries/month about a variety of topics but mainly the things that happen to me or my reflections on things from the past or in general - and then finding something to appreciate from it all.I'm looking to connect with any and all fabulous bloggers!...more

The Fresh Find: A Health, Food and Nutrition Blog

Hi!  My name is Kristin and I started the blog, The Fresh Find.  I typically blog about health tips and the benefits of certain foods, while incorporating healthy recipes with each post.  If you are interested in exchanging blogs, please contact me!  I hope you check it out!

DailyOrg - Organization for Life

Hello to all! I am a single mother with 4 kids, ranging in ages from 6 to 15, and I work full-time - primarily trying to build my website:http://www.dailyorg.comFounded by four women whose life experiences cover the spectrum (read more about them below), the DailyOrg offers daily blog commentary - including tips and tricks, product reviews, and other news - along with in-depth DIY projects, and a webstore filled with organizational products of all kinds. It's your one-stop-shop for organizing your life!...more

Blog Exchange with The Swingers Blog

Hi, I am looking for real bloggers in the relationship area.  My name is Helen, and I am he main contributor to The Swingers Blog.   I am looking to exchage links with other relationship blogs, swinger one or not.   Come by and see and email me at if you are interested in exchanging links. Thanks!...more

Taking Charge of Your Health Care Exchange

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm new to the group.I am really glad I found this group and website. I have been blogging for a few months now. I started my blog after my mother had a seroius brain bleed and was having follow up care problems. I work in a hospital laboratory and am about a 5 hour drive from her. It was really hard to help from so far away. I wanted to start a site where I could share my knowledge, learn more myself and help others to take charge like she had to....more

Hi There

Hi, my name is Samara (aka Deconstruct the Girl) at  I'm at attorney living in NYC, and enjoy blogging as hobby outside of work.  I love anything involving music, film, fashion, art, and travel (hopefully there will be more travel for me in the near future!).  I believe that any bad day can be cured with a good solo dance party coupled with an awesome playlist.  In my spare time, I enjoy being crafty, playing soccer, practicing yoga, and going to music concerts....more


Hellow all - I am Dayna (aka Blackbird) from  I am a wife, teacher, homemaker, and someone who loves to work on things around the home.  I blog to share my inspiration, recipes, projects, and anything else that makes me tick.  I would love for you to stop by....more

Hello All

Just getting back into writing after a little break.  I have 2 sites...Etsy Examiner and my own blog Adventures in Beauty & FashionI would love to do a link exchange or just have you stop by.  Thanks!Melissa GrayBeauty Examiner...more


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