A picture is worth a thousand books

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I wish I could put my feet up and just draw sometimes.

Draw whatever is in front of my eyes. Like what Keep on Keeping on is doing with her sketch-blog.

For today's entry I am going to pamper my eyeballs and focus on drawings. Illustrators are a peculiar category of artist, because their work is bound to the literary. They put images to the words we read, or the inverse, they use narrative to inform the images they create. Illustrated Life is a blog with a daily drawing ritual. At Laurelines the focus is on life-drawing.

Check out the charming sketchbook scans, catching the beauty of the quotidien right down to the penwork.

French Toast Girl and Alison Wonderland both had links to Illustration Friday a nifty community ritual for illustrators, amateur or professional. Each Friday on IF a topic is posted, readers can draw their impressions of the topic, post it on their blog and then link back to IF's site, creating a conversation entirely in pictures.

If you're looking for a little help with your technique before you get crazy with your pastels Ujwala Prabhu at Blog Schmlog has links to a mess of tutorials, webguides, and tools to nourish the black-turtleneck-wearing clove-cigarette-smoking creative in all of us.