BlogHer Day One Schedule Update

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If you haven't checked out the BlogHer Schedules lately I urge you to take one more look at Day One.

The Day is 100% staffed, and we have some fantastic additions to the speaking roster.

We've got some great women talking about how to blog and how to jazz up your blog. Many of these women may be new voices on the conference circuit, but that's because they're out there actually designing blogs and web sites for a living. Check out the work of Miss Zoot and Heathervescent, from our Blog in a Box session. And I am in love with the list of fun widgets, plug-ins and add-ons that Maura Chace & Megan Garnhum are going to bring to the Primp Your Blog session.

We have also lined up "mentors" for those sessions. So when it goes hands-on there will be plenty of experts to go around.

Some other notable additions to the schedule since last month:

Melanie Morgan will be joining the So You Have This Crazy Idea team...because she's one BlogHer who had a crazy idea and made it happen.

European podcaster extraordinaire Nicole Simon will join the Audio team to be the advanced audio guru. She's almost convinced me to start podcasting, so you know she's good!

Lynne D. Johnson is going to team teach the Web Writing course with Lisa Stone.

Jennifer Slegg, an expert on contextual advertising, will be on hand to walk you through the ever-growing options for blog monetization.

Charlene Li will be joining Marnie Webb on the Tagging and Tracking one else can probably give you a better big picture idea of why you should go to the trouble to tag. (I need her to whip me into shape on it, for one.)

Yes, more info on Day Two is still to come.

And yes, I will be announcing the Room of Your Own selections by Monday.

But in the meantime, check out the 100% fully-staffed Day One.


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