Newbie-dooby-doo, where are you?

BlogHer Original Post

OK BlogHers I'm looking for ideas.

We've got this awesome Blog in a Box two-and-a-half hour workshop first thing on Day One.

We're not just covering the tech stuff, but also (thanks to Melinda Casino) something I find every beginning blogger wishes they knew more about: how to blog without making an ass of yourself.

But let's face it: I need to find me some newbies.

Because I know a lot of people who are bloggers. I read a lot of bloggers and vice versa. I think a large percentage of the readers and members here already blog.

I need to let all the blog-curious folks out there know that BlogHer will provide them with a gentle introduction to the blog world (before overwhelming them with more possibilities than they can fathom.)

So, I'm looking for suggestions: Yahoo Groups, Tribes, mailing lists etc. etc. etc. and connections into such groups.

Some ideas I've already got:

The writergrrls Yahoo Group
The SF Women on the Web Yahoo Group

Lay it on me BlogHers...where are the huddled masses yearning to blog free?


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