LIVEBLOG: Afternoon Journey & Milestones Discussion Group: My Blog as Media Company

>> LISA STONE: Okay. Does your mic work? Oh. Hi, girls. Testing. Hello. Is there anyone out here who's very, very assertive and anal? We need a timekeeper. Will you be our timekeeper? Thank you. What is your name? Awesome. Great. Lisa is our timekeeper if. If you get cut off, do not blame us. Are we doing a speed round? ...more

LIVEBLOG: Afternoon Journey & Milestones Discussion Group: My Blog as Business

>> SUSAN GETGOOD: We are going to get started in just a second. Okay. So we -- I promised to speak much more slowly this afternoon than I did this morning for the benefit of our poor transcriber who had to catch up with me too many times. If I start to talk too fast, would someone raise their hand so I know I'm talking too fast? Thank you. ...more

LIVEBLOG: Morning Fundamentals Workshop: My Blog as Book Proposal

I'm Colleen Lindsey. I'm going to be your moderator here, and what I'd like to do -- before I introduce the two panelists, who are awesome ladies, I just want to remind you that we are going to be throwing out a lot of names of writing resources and Web sites today. Don't worry if you don't get them all right because there's going to be a downloadable PDF at the live blogging -- at the area on BlogHer where they're live blogging this event and you'll be able to go on and download that PDF that has linkable links to all -- linkable links to all of these places. Why are you sitting so far away? ...more

LIVEBLOG: Closing Remarks

>> ELISA CAMAHORT PAGE: Hi, everyone. So I realized that I should have told everyone there were going to be macaroons and sweets to lure them back, the few, the proud, the hearty for our closing. Which paths? Are people here from the Book Path? So you're done there. There's Melissa! From the Business Path? Okay. Media? Life Changer? Okay. And Change Agent? Those change agent gals, they are going to go overtime, I have a feeling. They already are. So how was the afternoon? ...more

LIVEBLOG: Afternoon Journey & Milestones Discussion Group: My Blog as Change Agent

>> KATHERINE STONE: I think we should get started because we between over before and I think we should get to the real meat which is having conferences, I like to give us a name so we're the clausius Blogarius . That's our genus, we're very different, like I said, in many ways from other bloggers much we often come up against kind of a different set of challenges. And I think it's really important to talk about those because they can threaten our existence and whether we continue on. So causius blogarius. The threat to extinction. When you do make yourself a poster child, you sign up as a troll target. ...more

LIVEBLOG: Morning Fundamentals Workshop: My Blog as Business

>> SUSAN GETGOOD: So we are going to get started. Good morning! Thank you for being willing to spend your day with us, now that we are here in sunny San Diego and the weather is nice. It's hard to stay inside where there are no windows, so we appreciate it. My name is Susan Getgood and I'm one of the Pathfinders today. I will be talking later about how I turned my blog into a business or something like that, and how that worked for me and how that can work out for you. ...more

LIVEBLOG: Morning Fundamentals Workshop: My Blog as Change Agent

>> DEBBIE BOOKSTABER: Hi everybody. I'm Debbie Bookstaber, your moderator for today. I'm with And I'm really thrilled to be here with Gina McCauley from the Blogging While Brown conference and Katherine Stone from Postpartum Progress. If you'd like to tweet today you can see our Twitter hashtag is #BH11pathchange. ...more

LIVEBLOG: Morning Fundamentals Workshop: My Blog as Life Changer

>> KAREN WALROND: Good morning everyone. We will get started. It's 10:05. All the sweet faces that we see here. What is the name of this? Blog as life changer. ...more

LIVEBLOG: Networking Lunch, Featuring Motivational Speaker Jess Weiner

>> ELISA CAMAHORT PAGE: Hi, everyone. Good afternoon. So who was in My Blog as Book Proposal? Awesome. Who was in My Blog as Life Changer? All right. My Blog as Media Company? My Blog as Business? And My Blog as Change Agents? Well, we know who rehearsed. (Laughter.) ...more

LIVEBLOG: Morning Fundamentals Workshop: My Blog as Media Company

>> LISA STONE: Good morning, everybody. Good morning, everybody. How are you doing? Welcome to Pathfinder Day. Thanks for your patience. We decided that we felt we needed to be protected from you by a table and we wanted to join the community. My name is Lisa Stone. I'm the CEO and one of the cofounders of BlogHer along with Elisa and Jory. ...more

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