Bathing Suit Season is Coming, Ladies, Start Your Diets

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Last year I had a great summer for a reason that might seem shallow to some. Shallow or not, I enjoyed participating in summer activities because, for the first time in years, I looked great in a bathing suit. This was at age 56 by the way, so that puts it into perspective. It's never too late to get healthier and skinnier, and the internet is full of advice on how to lose the weight.

I lost my weight (42 pounds) using The South Beach Diet, and I share recipes for that way of eating on my blog, Kalyn's Kitchen. Ruth from Once Upon a Feast recently started on South Beach and she's been posting recipes and her feelings about the diet. Another blog that talks about South Beach is Half of Me, written by a woman who calls herself Pasta Queen who has lost an incredible amount of weight and shared the journey in a well-written blog.

Weight Watchers has a lot of fans on the web, including Blogher contributing editors Sam of Becks and Posh and Alanna (the Veggie Evangelist) of A Veggie Venture. Sam has been very open about sharing her success on Weight Watchers. Alanna faithfully gives nutritional information on every recipe she posts, something not many food bloggers have been able to commit to (including me!) Another resource for WW fans is a blog dedicated to sharing Weight-Watchers recipes, The Points Cafe.

There are also blogs who advocate counting calories, but don't necessarily use the Weight Watcher's formula. A site with lots of resources is Hungry Girl, which has something for everyone who's interested in weight loss. The daily e-mails are full of great tips about low calorie treats. A blog in my neighborhood, Erin Eats, posts great recipes that are under 500 calories for a meal.

Eliminating meat is another way to cut calories. Good Girl Gone Vegan recently wrote about a study which claims vegetarian eating is the key to maintaining an appropriate weight.

Some bloggers have a hard time finding a weight loss strategy that works for them. A blog called Fatty Weight Loss shares the struggle to find a diet that you can live with. Catching Points is a food blog written by someone who is getting discouraged with Weight Watchers.

Personally I think choosing a diet that works with your own food preferences is the key to success on any diet. I'm happy to report that one year later, I still look pretty great in a bathing suit. As I've said before, losing weight or maintaining your weight is about empowering yourself to be the best you can be. There are many more online forums for people wanting to lose a few pounds, but other chores are calling me. If you know a good online resource for dieters, leave it in a comment.


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