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cream crackered, adj.
cream crackered = knackered, tired, exhausted.

After spending days cleaning and cooking for Passover, Socal Mom decides she's as useful as a chocolate teapot. She regains her strength by sitting on the couch all day, watching her favorite British imports and blogging about the British TV shows she can't live without.

Of British shows, Socal Mom writes:

"I think the quality of the British shows has a lot to do with the way they are produced -- in six episode series, with just one or two writers authoring the whole thing. I love that the originator of a program gets a 'devised by' credit instead of 'created by' -- no overblown egos implied there."

She and her family enjoy Hustle, which currently is being shown on American Movie Classics (AMC). Socal Mom describes the show as "the adventures of a gang of benevolent con artists (they only pick marks who are despicable and deserving of a little misfortune). It's kind of a cross between 'Ocean's Eleven' and 'The Sting'" and "it feels like a sophisticated caper film from the Sixties."

She also likes that it's PG rated and and that her ten-year-old can watch it with her.

Socal Mom admits to the "guilty pleasure" of watching Footballers Wives, a show which the New York Times calls, "a more intelligently conceived Desperate Housewives" and of which the Chicago Tribune writes, "When it comes to scruples these ladies make the Desperate Housewives look like a Jane Austen sewing circle."

Socal Mom and her Brit husband are also fond of The Royle Family, Absolutely Fabulous,The Office, and The Kumars at No. 42.

If you're a fan of Footballers Wives, you might get a kick out of this phony blog they've created for the BBC America website. Written by Tanya (I've never seen the show, but I assume she's one of the main characters), it's funny and tastless. Here's a snippet:

"Saw Jackie at the drinks afterwards. She told me to behave myself - for Kyle's sake. Give me some credit, does she really think I want the world to know my husband was sad enough to shag old Mother Hubbard? Besides I didn't want to upset Paddy. It's bad enough that he thinks his mummy's just died. Imagine his distress if he knew she was still with us? From there, I had a wedding to attend. My wedding. I, Tanya Louise Turner, did take, Francis Michael Laslett, to be my lawful wedded husband. Faced the press and went home to Frank's place. After all Jason put me through, I still miss him. Frank tried to tempt me up to his bedroom again, but I reminded him of our agreement. No sodding way!"

Don't know what sodding or shag means? Don't worry; BBC America has been kind enough to put together a British American Dictionary. [Hat tip to Nicole from A Capital Idea for the link.]

Until next time... Ta-ta!

[Photo credit: Footballers Wives website]

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