Spring Blog Fever, Or: To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question.

Contributing Editor Tracey Gaughran-Perez also blogs at sweetney.com

Is it just me, or has the greater mommyblogosphere been feeling a little, well, off lately? In the past few weeks I've noticed great lulls in blogging for some, outright ditching of blogs altogether for others. It seems Spring indeed is, as the cliche goes, a time of rebirth (or, in the matter of blogging, a time of reconsideration).

Jody of Raising WEG puts it thusly:

I think a lot of people get spring blog fever. This seems to be a time when people reconsider the whole blog enterprise. I base that on two entire springs' worth of data. But I can't be the only person out there wondering whether to chuck the whole thing.

Contemplating Jody's words, Anne of The Barely Attentive Mother concludes that her blog will self destruct in 7 days:

I lay in bed last night thinking about this blog and about personal blogging and all the blogging I do and have done. I decided I don't want to have a personal blog anymore, at least not this one.

Whether its blog burn-out or the siren's song of other projects elsewhere, it does seem that Spring presses many to rethink their relationship to and with the online world. Julia of Ticky Tacky recently bid adieu to all that:

...I am having a little love affair with my town. I am determined to really enjoy my life here... and have done a lot of fun things locally, spending the beautiful spring days outdoors.

Part of what is allowing me to do this cavorting around is all the extra time I suddenly have. While in Australia, and since returning, I've been a lot more engaged in life.

And it's mainly because I've stopped spending so much time on line.

I too have felt some of this so-called Spring Fever, manifested mostly as the dreaded I Have Nothing To Say mutation of classic writer's block, and I've noticed that others -- like Alice of Finslippy -- have also grappled with this lately.

So what is it exactly about Spring that does this to us? And how do we get through the Fever, if we do get through at all? Take a "blogging break"? Chuck the whole thing? Keep writing straight through it, even if it means writing about how you have nothing to write about? How have you gotten through your own existential blogging crises?


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