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Have you ever wondered which actor Alice Bradley from Finslippy thinks should play her in the movie of her life? Or what Heather Armstrong from Dooce would do if she were President of the United States?

Wonder no more.

Blogger, writer, mom, and co-founder of web design and development company Crawberts, Leahpeah dares to ask the questions that we all have but are afraid to ask.

Leahpeah asks away and her interviews are a great way to gain insight into what your favorite (or soon to be favorite) mommy-or-other blogger is all about. Leahpeah asks most of her interviewees the same set of questions; my favorite is the the one I'm constantly asking myself: Why do you blog?

Here's what these (mommy)bloggers had to say:

Angela from Fluid Pudding

Why do you blog?

I used to spend hours sitting in coffee dumps and writing wordy hollow letters to friends. Maintaining Fluid Pudding has enabled me to continue writing drivel, but now I don't have to put on tights or buy stamps.

Mimi Smartypants

Why do you blog?

I don't really consider myself a "blogger" (god I hate that word), because I hardly provide timely news or commentary-I just blab about myself so I call it an "online diary." I've been an obsessive diary-keeper since childhood, and published a personal zine in high school, and that just naturally led to starting to put the whole mess online when the opportunity presented itself (ie, crummy little never-redesigned free subdomain on Diaryland. And I'm STILL THERE!)

Tracey from Sweetney

Why do you blog?

lots of reasons. to amuse myself. to vent. to share things i think are cool/funny/important/interesting. when i was younger i was a big mixtape maker, and i see blogging as a contemporary extension of that, in that it affords me the opportunity to pull together in one space lots of different things that interest and engage me.

plus i like me some people, and being at home all day with a toddler can get, well, flat-out lonesome.

Melissa Summers from Suburban Bliss

Why do you blog?

One day I'll come up with a nice answer for this question. I blog because it's what any writer wants, an audience to read what they have to say. Only I don't have to beg a publication to display my message.

And so, I write because I have something I want to say. The fact that sometimes I can say something in a way that makes a feeling or a point of view make sense to someone else. It's an amazing feeling to be understood and to help people understand even themselves sometimes.

Alice Bradley from Finslippy

Why do you blog?

You know when you went to parties in high school, and there was always that one girl who was drunk but probably acting more drunk than she was, and she was staggering around spilling drinks on people and announcing anytime anyone would look at her, "Oh my God, I am WASTED!"? That's me, only on the Internet."

Besides mommybloggers, Leahpeah also has interviewed the men who love them, subversive cross stitchers, mighty girls, and more!

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