Proud Partner: Jory & Lisa are thought leaders!

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OK, my excuse, weak though it may be, is that both Lisa and Jory are speaking at BlogHer, so this post isn't just promoting my very smart partners, but two featured Blogher '06 speakers. See how that works?

I don't think we pointed to the fact that last month Jory was interviewed at length over at BurstBlog, the official blog of the new BlogBurst content syndication service. Key excerpt:

Writers tend to fall into categories depending on chance or circumstances. I found I was a business and career writer primarily, and yet I suspected I was a bit of a hybrid. I was fascinated by the business world, but I saw it through a lens of personal narrative. Pause was my outlet for getting my most inspired work out there. None of my blog readers ever said, "Hey, you can't do that-combine personal narrative with business writing!" I was allowed to experiment and was accepted-even appreciated-for it. I felt expressed.

The today Lisa was included amongst a list of journo-bloggers being asked the question: "Can newspapers do blogs right?" over at the Online Journalism Review. Key excerpt:

The problems of failing standards of accuracy and ethical behavior among the nation's leading newspapers are not limited to blogs. As someone who grew up on newspapers and will never give them up, the past five years have been agonizing to behold, from Jayson Blair and Rick Bragg, to Ben Domenech and Michael Hiltzik. America's newspapers have the opportunity to leverage blogs as credibility-building exercises -- but the first thing we need to do is to stop architecting our own demise. To avoid meltdowns like this, newspapers need to do exactly what exceptional blogs do: For God's sake, assume the position of the reader and behave accordingly. Readers want to know what they're getting, who they're getting it from and how, so that they can trust their sources -- that's you.

Of course Katharine Mieszkowski over at Salon has been loving the blogging of our own Mary Tsao, here at BlogHer, lately. So there's definitely enough BlogHer love to go around lately.

Congrats to all three of you!


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