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"Hey everyone, listen up" I have an announcement;

#1/ Do to a recent acceptance at grad school, and a corresponding (but freakishly un-related) increase in my work-load as a web designer, I am having trouble with blogging as a bi-weekly activity, here or anywhere for that matter. So I am going to have to bid you all adieu, at least as a CE-books for now, and focus on doing some nifty stuff for the conference which you should hear about by months end.

#2/ I am looking for a replacement. Here's a description of my ideal candidate.


- is an enthusiastic book blogger who maybe even works in the industry as a book seller, publisher or librarian.

- is already connected to the book blog networks that exist and is excited to bring her expertise to bear on the world of women who write and who read.

- has some time to give to a volunteer position which will bring traffic to her site and connect her to a wide community of intelligent and interesting women.

Send any ideas or self-selections to

Before I leave, I would like to draw your attention to a few posts of note:

The first post I want to talk about is Moving and Shaking and Shameless Hussies By Free-range librarian. She's talking about the shame associated with self-promotion, and it resonates because my biggest regret leaving this gig is that I am consigning myself to blogging about unicorns and baked ziti recipes to only my nearest and dearest. Well, choices, choices I am sure you'll all remember me when I end up doing a table dance by the pool at '06 anyways.

The second entry is about a book I am dying to read, and am planning to go out and read just as soon as I can put at least one of my projects to bed. The book is Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link. By all accounts this book is one of the best independant fantasy fiction novels written in ages - I just wanted to throw in. It's not often that fantasy fiction written for adults by a young women gets this much coverage.

Lastly, because it's a question I often ask myself, and maybe also because April is national poetry mont, here is Rhonda Swan weighing in with; Rap or Poetry? Is There a Difference?

Happy reading everyone, and I 'll see you in the comments and on the forum.


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