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They're a little crazy, a lot hip, and all mama. And they've got the webring to prove it.

According to Wikipedia, "a web ring is group of related web pages linked to each other in a sequence that forms a ring. When someone searching the web stumbles across one of the web ring's pages, they can click through to other sites that have related content."

With hundreds of mommy blogs in their ring, the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas webring is linking mom-centric blogs from Canada to California. As they describe it:

"This is not a web ring for sites about how cute your child is, how perfect your child is, or how motherhood is a frickin' picnic. This is a site about real moms who try to balance who they are as a person with who they are as a mother. This is the real deal folks!"

We know it's the real deal because many of the blogs in the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas webring are also on the BlogHer Mommy and Family blogroll. Coincidence? We think not.

For example, meet the world's funniest "inexplicably elected PTA President" Sweatpantsmom, last week's Member of the Week (MOTW) over at the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas site:

What one piece of advice would you like to pass on to moms everywhere?

"There are so many styles of parenting. Try to do what feels right for you and your child, and don't let other parents try and tell you what you 'should be' doing. People will try and make you believe that your kid will never get into college without those private Lego lessons, or that by not putting your kids on a soccer team you've pretty much secured their future in a halfway house and a minimum-wage job making macramé keychains. Don't listen.

Most importantly, always parent with a sense of humor. And remember, everyone eventually needs a keychain."

Past MOTWs include mommyblogs (This) Girl's Gone Child, Breed 'Em and Weep, Motherhood Uncensored, Mom 101, IzzyMom, and BlogHer Contributing Editor Karen Rani's blog Troll Baby.

If you're on the BlogHer Mommy and Family blogroll and you're a Crazy Hip Blog Mama as well, leave a comment so we can check out your site. After we get back from our frickin' picnic, of course.

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