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Hello, I am a blogger and an aspiring writer. Looking forward to getting to know others with similar interest :)...more
Hi there! I'm new to the group - any other non-fiction writers out there (journalists, magazine ...more

Writing Prompt

Okay, some of my favorite things to do are "writing prompts." so, I have the book "The Pocket Muse" in my hand and in 150 words, write a response to this response: Write about someone who misinterprets a compliment. I'll wrote mine and post about tomorrow! Happy Writing!

Writer's Resources

Alright, sorry for the lack if involvement these days everyone! If you want to post something...a question, a writing prompt, request blog feedback, post a writin piece, feel free! I would love this to be a group where we can go to pick at each other's "writing brains." So, I'm hoping to share some of our best writing resources that we have! Here's a few of my favorite writing books: The Pocket Muse Stephen King, On Writing The Artist's Way And of course, my treasure trove of Writer's Digest articles I always keep....more

Blog Roll!!

Alright! So, part of this group will be sharing each other's blogs and following each other! I think we sorta did that with our introductions, but I'm hoping that we get nice list of the group members and their blogs! Here's mine-- I blog about the things that inspire me to write in this amazing, disturbing, and inspiring published and unpublished world we live in! :)

Writing Schedule?

So, I have been thinking about this lately, and wanted to do you all feel about "writing schedules"? Is it necessary for you? Do you keep up with it? Does it change? I don't feel like I have been disciplined enough with writing lately and feel I should be, but my natural reaction to over-scheduling is -- blech. But what do you all think?...more
I don't schedule time cause I need to be inspired. lolmore


 Hello all! I hope this group becomes a bit bigger than just me, otherwise I think that can get a little boring...but hey, I can be entertaining all on my own, so who knows? Let's introduce ourselves! List your blog link, why you blog, and why you write, and just for kickers...your least favorite ice cream flavor. My name is Nicole, and her's my blog link:
@BloggerGirl86 Holy cow! I just now saw this comment. I am such a newbie to all this stuff! ...more


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