Lesson # 1 Research before you post--I knew this one

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Ah, the dangers of blogging. After submitting my first post on the saddest day of the year, I got to thinking that it might make an interesting post on my blog, FunnyBusiness

That's when I did a bit more research and that's when I found that the Saddest Day of the Year is no more than an invention of a very smart PR specialist trying to get publicity for their client--in this case the Travel Business.

From Moho.org a website promoting travel to the Virgin islands

The formula was devised to help a travel company "analyze when people book holidays and holiday trends," said a London-based PR agency. "People feel bleak when they have nothing planned, but once they book a holiday they have a goal, they work toward having time off and a relaxing period," When you imagine yourself on the beach it makes you feel positive. You will save money, go to the gym and come back to the optimism you had at the end of 2004."

Now to listen to the media wax on about this sad, sad, day you'd think Dr. Arnall was a reknowned Academic type.

So KUDOS for the PR specialists for getting their story in the media.
SHAME SHAME SHAME on the media for
(a) not doing an iota of research on Arnall's credentials
(b) not disclosing that Arnall created his formula to help a client rather than for pure academic research.