Beyond Guest Blogging: Pitching Media Outlets

So, without further adieu, let's talk about you. I wanna know why you are here, besides me. So, how many of you have written for a blog other than your own? Perfect. How many of you have ever written for a magazine? How many of you want to? (laughter) That's what I thought. ...more

Vlogging Boot Camp, pt. 1

Mom, Stop Blogging About Me!

Welcome, and thank you for coming. I'm so glad to see so many people because I was worried since it's you know, not everyone you know has teens and tweens yet and how this would turn out. So welcome. I'm going to give each of the panelists a second to introduce themselves, tell a little story about themselves. ...more

Media Training for Bloggers

Elaine Wu Julie Crabill ...more

Streamline Your Technical Toolkit: How to Do More with Less

Carley Knobloch Adria Richards Lara Galloway ...more

Table for One

Kim Trimble Cari Bee Karen Malone Wright Robin Mills ...more
So when will the transcript be available?more

Erotica Out in the Open

Twanna Hines, moderator Arielle Loren Lauren Fleming, AKA Queerie Bradshaw Sienna Jae Fein ...more

Blogging into MidLife: The Tension Between the Online Spotlight and Offline Invisibility

Lynn Forbes, moderator Ann Dunnewold Darryle Pollack Patricia Patton ...more