Keeping Things Private in a Public World

Jennifer Preston Lynne Seitz Angela Santomero Vicky Colf Brought to you by, outmywindow, an all-in-one private way to share and save your photos. ...more

The State of the World's Mothers: Working Together to Save and Improve Lives

Sharon D'Agostino Carolyn Miles Nwando Olayiwola Sara Berkelhamer Lisa Belkin ...more

BlogHer '12 Closing Remarks from Elisa and Lisa

Conference Event:  BlogHer '12 Closing Hello everyone!! We paid over 4,250 bloggers 17 million dollars in revenue! Our mission when we started this concept in 2005, when the three of us sat in the kitchen around a table, and our mission was to create opportunities for women in social media to pursue exposure, education, community, and economic empowerment. We wanted bloggers to get paid for their work. ...more

Vlogging Boot Camp - Part 2

Who in the room has ever made a video? (large number raised hand) Who actually posts videos on their blog? (half room raised hand) Who posts once a month? (raised hands) Who posts once a week? (raised hands) Started videos to teach parents how to cook and cook with their kids without losing their minds in the process. ...more

Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally

On my blog, all of the advertising is on one side and contact information is on another side of the page. For personal ads, I recommended a sponsor page separately so that one can see stats, etc. It makes people easier to contact me for opportunities. Also uses passionfruit. ...more

Honoring Your Culture, Celebrating Your Commonality

I started blogging in 2008, then there was no acknowledgment of mixed race identity issues. I've discovered throughout the years bloggers who blog about their experience of being Muslim, Latino, queer, their experiences while also diverse, they also have many similar stories. I come across this feeling of I've read that story before. Misunderstandings between people and relationships. I'd like to open by asking each of the panelists to talk about their particular websites. ...more

Affiliate Marketing Programs as an Additional Revenue Stream

We'll discuss a number of different things today. Robert: Commission level is pretty straight forward. The network should never reject you, commission level should cookie period average is 45 days, that’s an important factor, data feed is where the merchants can put the catalog on the network, a lot of the best affiliates promote on the access level. ...more

#Blog2012: A Conversation

Some of you may not know what #Blog2012 is. It’s a hash tag we have been using on Twitter for a while. We talk about why we blog, how we blog. ...more

Using Online Tools to Get Women Into Office

What do you think Obama did in his last campaign to turn followers into votes? A. He did not really have a twitter account at the time. What he did really well was he was able to connect. It was the ability to write his emails and connecting. It was about the engagement, how do you go from having a twitter account and crafting it into something that will engage. ...more

How to Price and Value Your Services

Our first question is what is the proverbial they looking for when we talk about services and getting out there? Ana: Imagine you're thinking of a brand, and they have an umbrella. Under that umbrella, we have marketing, PR, public affairs, and communications. Under that, we have the agencies that work at times with each of these departments. ...more