Celebrate Your Small Blog

This is my first BlogHer experience and every one I went to I was, not put off, but it wasn't for me. The sessions were all SEO and ROI, not for me. I blog for funnies, my mom reads it and sometimes my husband reads it. Making money isn't feasible for me. I suggested this as a place for us little guys to get together and meet and pat each other on the back and celebrate us being us. That's a bit about me. What defines a small blog? ...more

Podcasting 101

This platform has been one of the most effective platforms, it opened doors. Use it as a door opener, it is an opportunity for you to show your depth. ...more

Lunch Keynote, Featuring Martha Stewart Interviewed by Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page

There's an excited energy in the room Grand Ballroom here at the Hilton New York. Audience members began arriving more than a half hour before Martha Stewart was scheduled to make an appearance, each one hoping to snag a coveted front row seat to all the action. With just minutes to spare before Martha's Keynote appearance and all of the tables front and center are filled and by show time not a table is empty....more

Advocacy Blogging Across Issues and Borders

Buenas Dias! I just parachuted in. I have a blog called the thewiselatinasclub.com I have parachuted into BlogHer b/c I have a big family wedding and as you know in Latina families that means a big family reunion. ...more

HTML Doesn't Have to Be a Four-Letter Word

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like" is what the first slide says. A brand new red Ferrari is pictured below the quote. Rajashree immediately tells us, "this is how I see what design should be like. Luxurious and beautiful, and I view a Ferrari as both in my mind. ...more

The Brand Blogger Connection

Hi. I'm Doug French... a dad blogger for 10 yrs now and founder of Dad 2.0. I'm talking about the fun time we had with Huggies last year. And the real positive impact those meetings have. ...more

Turning Your Blog into Publishable Essays

I just wanted to start out by talking a little bit about essays, blog posts and the difference between the two. I wanted Susan to talk about how to distinguish an essay and a blog post. ...more


My name is Stacy Calvert. We really appreciate you guys coming. We are going to talk about iPhoneography. I am in academia and going into an MFA program. People in academia think I'm nuts because I filmed a movie on my iPhone. ...more

Blogging for the Love of It

Bon Stewart, moderator Alexandra Rosas Dorothy Snarker ...more