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Voices of the Year

Welcome to the BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year submissions! This year’s categories are Heart, Humour, Identity, OpEd, Parenting, and Visuals. As you review these posts, feel free to give big thumbs-up to any that resonate with you. You can only vote for any single post once, but you can vote for as many different posts as you like.

If you'd like to submit your work, or someone else’s, please visit the Voices of the Year Nomination page. Nominations will remain open from February 23rd to April 30th.


Up to twenty (20) Voices of the Year honorees will be selected per category. The ‘12 Review Committee selects honorees, and one post per category is recognized as the People’s Choice Honoree.

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Titlesort icon Content Creator Name Blog Name (if applicable, N/A if not) Category
In Which Shapewear Is Out To Get Me Jodifur Jodifur Humor
In The Silence - A Look at Logan, His Siezures, and a bit of Thread Katrina Moody Kat's Cafe Parenting
In the Best Interests of the Child L.R.Knost Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources Op/Ed
In the Beginning Adrienne Jones No Points for Style Parenting
In Real Life Ellie DeLano SingleMomtism Op/Ed
In My Life KiKi Walter Flibbertigibbet Heart
In My Dream Stephanie Bernaba Momma Be Thy Name Heart
In Michele's Voice Deanna Lanoway No Opportunity Wasted Heart
In Memory of Heroes Jessica Cohen Look Who Found the Marbles Heart
Impossible Things Before Breakfast Maggie Christ Magpie Musing Identity
IF ONLY Kayla Roussel Our Holland [An ordinary blog about our EXTRAordinary boy] Heart
If Indie Bands Covered Disney Songs Almie rose Apocalypstick's Apocalist on Hello Giggles Humor
If I Didn't Work Marta Lost and Forgotten Humor
If A Picture is Worth 1000 Words... Ariana Mullins And Here We Are... Visuals
I've never had a best friend Fadra Nally All.Things.Fadra Heart
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up K A B L O O E Y K A B L O O E Y Humor
I'm the Mama Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Humor
I'm Speaking My Truth and Spreading the Word, Because It Does Get Better Schmutzie Identity
I'm Sleeping Like Mommy Sleeps ibebloggen ibebloggen Identity
I'm Single and Happy...Why Does That Make Them So Mad? eleanore wells The Spinsterlicious Life Identity
I'm Selfish - You Should Be Too Liz Ference Maybe Baby, Maybe NOT! Humor
I'm Putting this Shit on the Internet Kristine Cook Wait in the Van Humor
I'm not who I thought was. Grace Biskie Gabbing with Grace Identity
I'm My Mother's Daughter Tracy Jensen May / ChiMomWriter Scary Mommy (guest post) Heart
I'm Alive Amy Heinz Using Our Words Heart
I'm a Thirteen Year Old Girl Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Humor
I'm a Banana. Shiftless Mommie Shiftless Mommie Humor
I'll Never Let Go, Hostess Flannery Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles Humor
I'll Be Seeing You LaDonna Dennis Mom Blog Society Heart
I Wore a Hat Today; That was a Mistake Denice Erway Identity
I Wish I Make Nice Words Together With My Mouth. Violet Creative Devolution Humor
I Wish I Could Be Funny Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Op/Ed
I Was the Perfect Mom...Before I had Kids Jillian Lauren TODAY Moms Parenting
I Was Gonna Be Somebody Totally Ovar It Totally Ovar It Heart
I was gonna be somebody Totally Ovar It Totally Ovar It Heart
I Was Broken Tara Ziegmont Feels Like Home Identity
I Was An Internet Troll Colleen Oakes The Ranunculus Adventures Humor
I want to run you over, but it's illegal... Jennifer Watson In the present moment... Humor
I Want to Be That Mom Sometimes Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Identity
I Used to Have a Beautiful Belly. Now I Have Beautiful Kids. Laura Franklin Better in Bulk Identity
I Used to Brag Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Parenting
I Tried ibebloggen ibebloggen Heart
I tell my girls I am beautiful, every day Amanda Last Mom On Earth Heart
I tell my girls I am beautiful, every day Amanda Last Mom On Earth Parenting
I Talk Too Much Kirsten Piccini The Kir Corner Humor
I Surrender All Lilly feelLOVDeveryday Heart
I Stutter Ruby L. Taylor, M.S.W. Confidence to Greatness Heart
i stand before you naked Tracy Lane tracy lane is not a virgin Heart
I Smell Trouble, Part Dos Abby Diaz What's Left Over Humor
I Resolve To Say What I Mean Rufina Being Rufina Humor
I Remembered Julie The Root of all Evel Heart
I remember The March for Life Amanda Last Mom On Earth Op/Ed
I Never-Parent Style Cristie Ritz King The Right Hand Mom Humor
I Never Thought I'd Blog Jen Dinoia The Dinoia Family Op/Ed
I Never Thought I'd Blog Jen Dinoia The Dinoia Family Op/Ed
I need to remember this for late February Farmer Julie Otsdawa Junction Farm Visuals
I need my drugs NOW!!!! Carol Rood Two Demented Dames Humor
I made it out alive Amanda K the daily sweatpants Humor
I Love You Heidi Cave Fancy Feet Heart
I Love My Autistic Son (Even Though I Hate Autism) A Very Strange Bird Parenting
I Love Drunk Babies ibebloggen ibebloggen Identity
I Know You Are Drunk Maija's Mommy Moments Maija's Mommy Moments Heart
I Kind of Miss Diapers Suzanne Davis bebehblog Humor
I Just Want Her to Be Free Danielle Elwood Danielle Elwood Dot Com Heart
I Hurt Myself Today Kimberly Morand All Work and No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something Heart
I Heart You Jeanette Nyberg Craftwhack Heart
I Have to be Honest. You Deserve It. Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Op/Ed
I Have PTSD Chelsea Day Heart
I Have PTSD Chelsea Day Someday I'll Learn Heart
I Had So Many Risk Factors for PPD James & Jax James & Jax Heart
I Entice Nurses with My Bosoms Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Heart
I don't want to get married but you go ahead Suzy Where Hot Comes To Die Humor
I Don't Like You ibebloggen Parenting
I Don't Know You Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Parenting
I Do Not Have Everything Under Control Kelly Kailana Mama Parenting
I Do Not Cut Goats Throats or Wear Gauzy Tops Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Identity
I didn't think it would be this hard. Robin Hill Alabama Slacker Mama Heart
I Didn't Plan for Chaos Cheryl Hackett Moms In Need of Mercy Humor
I Did Nothing and I Regret It Still Arnebya Herndon Gimme a Minute Parenting
I Did Not Want Children Azucar - Carina The Jet Set Parenting
I deserve better than to be judged: On breastfeeding vs. formula Misty Mathews The Family Math Heart
I Can't Stand Your Ground Abby Diaz What's Left Over Op/Ed
I Can't Keep Quiet Anymore Robin Taney PRsonality & Purpose Op/Ed
I Can't Believe I'm Writing This Out Loud The Fat Lemon Fat Lemon Heart
I can pinpoint the exact moment my life changed Stephanie Moram Good Girl Gone Green Identity
I came to win ... Rachael O'Bryan Rachael's New York Identity
I Came to Win Kelly Brown The Turnip Farmer Heart
I Bring Home the Bacon Courtenay Baker-Olinger Soup: Midwestern Mama Cooking Up Life in the Heartland Humor
I Barely Remember My PPD James & Jax James & Jax Heart
I Am Vignette Diesel Violet Creative Devolution Humor
I Am Thankful Elena Sonnino Ciao Mom Heart
I Am Strong Enough Jenna Farelyn Made More Beautiful Heart
I Am Quite Happy to Be the "Growing Up Mommy" Sharon Rowley Momof6 Parenting
I am not my son's favorite parent Sondra Santos Drahos Happy Healthy Hip Parenting Parenting
I am LOVD Lilly feelLOVDeveryday Identity
I Am An 'Unchurched' Christian Tamara Graves Mockingbird, Don't Write Op/Ed
I am a Drunk Julie Elsdon-Height Sober Julie Doing Life Identity
I always wanted to live by the ocean. Farmer Julie Otsdawa Junction Farm Visuals
Hurry Up, Sweetie Outlaw Mama Outlaw Mama Parenting
Hunger Hits Home: Jeff Bridges Knows American Kids Are Hungry. Do You? Pilar Clark One Mom Media Op/Ed