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Voices of the Year

Welcome to the BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year submissions! This year’s categories are Heart, Humour, Identity, OpEd, Parenting, and Visuals. As you review these posts, feel free to give big thumbs-up to any that resonate with you. You can only vote for any single post once, but you can vote for as many different posts as you like.

If you'd like to submit your work, or someone else’s, please visit the Voices of the Year Nomination page. Nominations will remain open from February 23rd to April 30th.


Up to twenty (20) Voices of the Year honorees will be selected per category. The ‘12 Review Committee selects honorees, and one post per category is recognized as the People’s Choice Honoree.

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Titlesort icon Content Creator Name Blog Name (if applicable, N/A if not) Category
On the Outskirts of the Playground Stacey Maisch From Grind to Whine Heart
On the bright side, only one of us went to jail Elizabeth Jayne Liu Flourish in Progress Humor
On Shaving: It's My Body Marina DelVecchio Marinagraphy: Empowering Girls and Women Op/Ed
On Safari Kristen McClusky motherload: diary of a modern day housewife superhero Humor
On Romney & Rosen & Why Assumptions Are Bull Katherine Stone Strollerderby Heart
On Raising a Tween-ager Kirsten Bischoff Freshly-Hatched Humor
On Putting the Family Last (Warning: Major Rant Ahead) Jenny Wynter Comic Mummy Parenting
On NOT Performing Chris Brown. It's Not Just a Song Ali Martell Cheaper Than Therapy Parenting
On Losing A Parent Kim Trimble Curvy Girl Guide Heart
On Losing A Parent Kim Trimble Curvy Girl Guide Heart
On Life's Hardest Lesson Allison Zapata Me and Mine Heart
On Judging Others Jessica Cohen Look Who Found the Marbles Heart
On Dressing Up For A Gyno Exam Leah Workman My Life in Reviews Humor
On Being Nine Elizabeth McGuire Peace, Love, and Guacamole Heart
On Being A Strong Mother Connie Roberts Brain Foggles Heart
On a Daily Basis Elayne Kling Don't Get Wrenched Op/Ed
OMG, WTF, SOB and other Three Letter Words I Want to Scream Megan Terry Millions of Miles Humor
OMG, Free Beef! Jen "Jen" e Saia Quoi Humor
OMG, Did you know what you can do with Aluminum? Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Parenting
Oh To Be 19 Scream, Kick the Dashboard and Hug my Mom Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Parenting
Oh The Places You'll Go Julianna Miner Rants from Mommyland Humor
Oh The Places You'll Go Julianna Miner Rants from Mommyland Humor
Oh my God, what's that smell? Iris Beard The Bearded Iris Humor
Oh Danny Boy Kristen McClusky motherload: diary of a modern day housewife superhero Heart
Of Marriage, Commitment, Politics and Presidents Red Dirt Kelly The Red Dirt Chronicles Op/Ed
Ode to my puppy Peta-Jo Peta-Jo Heart
Occupy the Holidays Jodee Rose Cheeseblarg Visuals
Occupy Parents: Oppression by toddler Wired Momma Wired Momma Humor
OBEY your HEART! Jo Ann Darby The Girlfriend Book Heart
OBEY your HEART! Jo Ann Darby The Girlfriend Book Heart
Nuts Robin O'Bryant Robin's Chicks Humor
Nothing to Say Neil Kramer Citizen of the Month Humor
Nothing But The Rain Christine Mack The Cupcake Bandits Heart
Not-so Happy Meals Farmer Julie Otsdawa Junction Farm Heart
Not Your Mother's Mother Goose Shannon Hembree Mamas Against Drama Parenting
Not Politics Kalisa Hyman The One in Heels Identity
Not My Kids Um, Mr. Black Hockey Jesus Black Hockey Jesus Heart
Not Even Wrong Stimey Stimeyland Parenting
Not Another Mommy War Joanne Bamberger PunditMom Op/Ed
Not A Fairy Tale JoTaleJ Chickens and Bees Heart
Noah, in Memes. Rachel Callahan Grasping for Objectivity Visuals
No. Maybe. Why Yes, Yes You Can. Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Humor
No Refills Rita Arens Surrender, Dorothy Identity
No Longer A Hairy Sasquatch ibebloggen ibebloggen Identity
No Blind Dates Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Identity
No Apologies: On the Killing of Trayvon Martin and "Being Good" Danielle Belton The Black Snob Identity
No "Yo" Average Running Start YoRunner Identity
Newsletter Nightmares Rachel Yates Defining Moves Humor
New Years Resolutions in a 2.0 World Miscellaneous Mum Miscellaneous Mum - Trying to find the objective correlative, everyday Humor
New Year's Words Jennifer Beck Furber Baby by the Sea Parenting
Nevermind, I'll Find A Song Like You Ellie DeLano SingleMomtism Identity
never-had-a-baby-body nellie @ the third boob the third boob...and other adventures in mommyhood Humor
Never apologise for the way you look Carly Findlay Tune into Radio Carly Heart
Negativity Ate My Positivity Then Belched It In My Face for Dramatic Effect Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Heart
Natalie Portman's Motherhood Shout-Out Gets Raves From This Feminist Joanne Bamberger Politics Daily Op/Ed
Name Change Lilly feelLOVDeveryday Parenting
Myths and Facts: Spanking January Harshe Birth Without Fear Heart
My Weight Loss A-Ha Moment Roni Roni's Weigh Identity
My Weekend in Less Than Two Sentences Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Humor
My Vagina Has a First Name Heidi Ferrer Girl to Mom Humor
My Uterus. My Business. Have Some Pie. Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Parenting
My Twelve Days of Christmas Allison Light darthblonde Humor
My Touching Parenting Advice: All About Smooshbags Tall Curly Biscuit Tall Curly Biscuit and the Annals of Whizdumb Humor
My Soul Might Still be at 36,000 Feet Erin Domareki I'm Gonna Kill Him Humor
My Son's Wings Alexandria I Don't Blog, But if I Did Heart
My Son Swallowed a Quarter Cheryl Hackett Moms In Need of Mercy Humor
My Seven Year Old Explains How To Influence A Two Year Old Melanie Jean Juneau The Joy Of Mothering Heart
My Precious Love, I am Sorry. Jennifer Andersen Our Muddy Boots Parenting
My Perfect 10 Gwen Hartley The Hartley Hooligans Heart
My Own Particular Levee Rita Arens Surrender, Dorothy Heart
My Novel Life Kathy Radigan My dishwasher's possessed! Heart
My No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Day for Shoes Red Dirt Kelly The Red Dirt Chronicles Humor
My Mother's Body Ado The Momalog Heart
My Mother Was a Mail-Order Bride Aloysa My Broken Coin Identity
My Misdiagnosed Miscarriage Story Charise Rohm Nulsen I Thought I Knew Mama Parenting
My Love/Hate Relationship with September Joanne Tombrakos One Woman's Eye Heart
My Love Letter to Tina Fey Jen People I Want to Punch in the Throat Humor
My Life: As Told By My Closet Amber Page Amber Page Writes Identity
My Life, Your Life, Somebodies Life Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Op/Ed
My Last Day With Rusty Jennifer Weed Of Heaven and Earth Heart
My Kid Speaks Chinese Jillian Lauren Jillian Lauren Parenting
My Kid Can't Spit Kristen McClusky motherload: diary of a modern day housewife superhero Parenting
My Home is Clean and I'm A Good Mom. That Might Be A Shocker Diana Stone Hormonal Imbalances Parenting
My Happiness. My Responsibility. Lilly feelLOVDeveryday Heart
My Handbag, Myself Lois Alter Mark StyleSubstanceSoul Humor
My Glass Is Half Full Wendy Bradford Mama One to Three Parenting
My First Post Jackie J. Woman of a Certain Age Humor
My father's gift Angie Kinghorn Angie Kinghorn Heart
My Eyeliner is so Arrogant Shari Simpson Dusty Earth Mother Humor
My Empty Nest Laurie Turner Life Up Close Parenting
My dinner with insanity Susan Goldberg Mama non Grata Humor
My Day as a Stay At Home Mom...Fail Cheree Aspelin Maternity Leave Coach Identity
My Daughter, the Horribly, Disturbingly, Messy, Incredible Artist Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Parenting
My dad’s death has bestowed me with an unexpected gift; clarity Melissa Chapman Married my sugar daddy Heart
My crazy. Have a peek. Redundant Mother Rants of a Redunant Mother. Heart
My Conversation With Twana Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Humor
My children need me to be their friend Suchada Eickemeyer Mama Eve Parenting
My Childhood Dream: To Be a Male Nurse Lindsay LaVine Ehilarity Identity
My Child Would Never Do That Shell Roush Things I Can't Say Parenting
My Career Switch from Marketing to SAHM to Yoga Teacher cheryllynnyoga Reinvent Yourself Identity