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Voices of the Year

Welcome to the BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year submissions! This year’s categories are Heart, Humour, Identity, OpEd, Parenting, and Visuals. As you review these posts, feel free to give big thumbs-up to any that resonate with you. You can only vote for any single post once, but you can vote for as many different posts as you like.

If you'd like to submit your work, or someone else’s, please visit the Voices of the Year Nomination page. Nominations will remain open from February 23rd to April 30th.


Up to twenty (20) Voices of the Year honorees will be selected per category. The ‘12 Review Committee selects honorees, and one post per category is recognized as the People’s Choice Honoree.

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Titlesort icon Content Creator Name Blog Name (if applicable, N/A if not) Category
Who will cry tomorrow? Frances Frost just piddlin' Heart
Who You Callin' a Rust Belt? Rebecca Levey Visuals
Who's That Girl Sha Life.Love & Laundry Heart
Whoever took my daughter, please bring her back Debi Pfitzenmaier SA Busy Kids Parenting
Whoever took my daughter, please bring her back Debi Pfitzenmaier SA Busy Kids Parenting
Whose Country Is This? An Open Letter to My President Morgan Shanahan Heart
Why Am I Invisible - A Response Amy Lupold Bair Resourceful Mommy Heart
Why Bra Shopping Sucks, an illustrated guide of theory vs. reality Jenny Grace Miss Grace's Disgrace Humor
Why Can't Pro Choice also be Pro Life? Virginia Politics Carol Rood Homschlr4ever-Loveandlunchmoney Op/Ed
Why Do I Have to Coo at Your Baby When You Won’t Pet My Cat? Liz Ference Maybe Baby, Maybe NOT! Humor
Why Don't People Trust Me? Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Identity
Why Emma Can Never Have A Credit Card Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Heart
Why I am pro-choice Sarah George Dear Baby G Op/Ed
Why I Cannot Write About Trayvon Martin Gina Carroll Tortured By Teenagers Parenting
Why I Don't Care About Force-Fed Ducks Christine Pittman Cook the Story Identity
Why I Support a Restaurant Ban for the Under-6 Crowd Andrea Reiser Gold Coast Mama Op/Ed
Why I'm Failing as a Yes-Mom: I Don't Have a Yes-Kid thegrumbles Grumbles and Grunts Heart
Why I’m Proudly Nursing a Preschooler Dagmar Bleasdale Dagmar's momsense Parenting
Why my belly-button is now a cup holder... Abbie, All that makes you... All that makes you... Parenting
Why My Children's Goldfish Scares Me Christene Confessions From The Crib Parenting
Why Our Parents Put Us to Shame Stephanie Bernaba Momma Be Thy Name Humor
Why the Brownie Leader Hates my Guts K A B L O O E Y K A B L O O E Y Humor
Why the long face? Jodee Rose I'd Like Cheese on My Entire Family! aka da Cheeseblarg Humor
Why We Moved Larisa Spillman The Momma Hen Heart
Why we need to redefine the language of abortion politics Suchada Eickemeyer Mama Eve Op/Ed
Why You May Be Stupid If You're Giving Up Something For Lent Avitable Op/Ed
Why You Should Always Say I Love You Danielle Liss Kitten a Go-Go Heart
Wild Bear Deb Grinter Bright and Precious Heart
Witch Gone Wild Heidi Ferrer Girl to Mom Visuals
WITH LOVE Lesli DeVito My Old Country House Heart
Without Words Marta Lost and Forgotten Identity
Woe Is Me?: A Melancholy Day Haley Overland Cheaty Monkey Identity
Woman Uncut Claire Macaulay Woman Uncut Identity
Wordless Weekend and My Weird Daughter Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Visuals
Wordless Weekend in October Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Visuals
Wordless Weekend Laundry Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Visuals
Words Kim Trimble LIve From The 205 Visuals
Words and Phrases Moms of Boys Utter on a Regular Basis Jennifer Barbour another jennifer Parenting
Work Myself Warm Carol Greet Red Dirt In My Soul Identity
Working Mom Guilt: Dealing with Sick Children Jennifer Barbour another jennifer Heart
Working Mom's Lament KeAnne Family Building with a Twist Heart
Working Mom: Guilt Hoarder Tracy Liberating Working Moms Heart
Working Moms Need Sex Too Babe_Chilla Liberating Working Moms Heart
Would whoever took my serotonin please give it back? XLMIC Taking It On Heart
Would You Call My Child A Retard? Ellen Seidman Love That Max Visuals
Wranglers and Ass, What Could Be Better Than That? Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Identity
Wrapped in an Afghan Angela Amman Angela Amman: Tread Softly Heart
Writer Vs. Blogger Ginger Winters Ramble Ramble Identity
Writing the Story of Me Ginger Ramble Ramble Identity
WTF Fuming Foto Friday Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Parenting
WTF???? Questions questions questions.... Carol Rood Two Demented Dames Humor
Yard Bunny Rachel Callahan Grasping for Objectivity Heart
year eleven the grumbles grumbles and grunts Heart
Yellow Gwen Hartley The Hartley Hooligans Op/Ed
Yep, It Still Hurts Kirsten Piccini The Kir Corner Identity
Yes, This Is A True Story Carrie Wood Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven Humor
Yet Another Brilliant Idea Kim Trimble Live From The 205 Humor
Yet Another Brilliant Idea Kim Trimble Live From The 205 Humor
Yo, Hallmark. I got some Valentines for ya. Janelle Hanchett Renegade Mothering Humor
You already Were Kristin Mondays with Mac Identity
You Didn't Thank Me For Punching You In The Face QueenoftheCouch Views from the Couch Parenting
You Don't Get To Be Grace's Mommy Farmer Julie Otsdawa Junction Farm Parenting
You Know You're a Mother When You Need to Count to 300 Tracy Morrison Sellabit Mum Parenting
You Look Good Holding That Baby...And Other Creepy Things People Say Liz Ference Maybe Baby, Maybe NOT! Humor
You Made Your Daughter Cry, Momma? Theresa aka A Mountain Momma A Mountain Momma Heart
You Probably Won't Read This Marta Lost and Forgotten Identity
You talkin' to me? Frances Frost just piddlin' Humor
You Want a Real Mommy War? Ashley Taylor The Dose of Reality Parenting
You're Doin OK Mom Andrea Updyke Lil-Kid-Things Parenting
You're Welcome Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Humor
You've (Not) Come a Long Way, Baby: Why feminism and lactivism make such a dysfunctional couple Suzanne Barston Fearless Formula Feeder Op/Ed
You-The Stealer Sha Life.Love & Laundry Heart
Young Forever, Forever Young Sosha Lewis It's Not Sasha Heart
Young-ish and Old-ish sharongreenthal Empty House, Full Mind Identity
Your hard is your hard Heather The Extraordinary Ordinary Parenting
Your Kids Don't Need An Adult Playmate; They Need Parents Jane Byers Goodwin Scheiss Weekly Parenting
Your Kindle Can't Do That Marci Rich The Midlife Second Wife Identity
{ Untitled } Katie Neuman Mama May I Heart
{ Untitled } Katie Mama May I Heart
| be still, monster : the beast inside of me | Rachel Marie Brown Chasing Kite Tails Heart
“The Man Who Wasn’t There: A 9/11 Remembrance” Marci Rich The Midlife Second Wife Heart
♪Here Comes The Sun...Doo doo doo doo ♪♪ Amanda Regas Fond of the Silliness Heart