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Voices of the Year

Welcome to the BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year submissions! This year’s categories are Heart, Humour, Identity, OpEd, Parenting, and Visuals. As you review these posts, feel free to give big thumbs-up to any that resonate with you. You can only vote for any single post once, but you can vote for as many different posts as you like.

If you'd like to submit your work, or someone else’s, please visit the Voices of the Year Nomination page. Nominations will remain open from February 23rd to April 30th.


Up to twenty (20) Voices of the Year honorees will be selected per category. The ‘12 Review Committee selects honorees, and one post per category is recognized as the People’s Choice Honoree.

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Titlesort icon Content Creator Name Blog Name (if applicable, N/A if not) Category
Babysitter Confidential Stacy Dymalski From Nonsense to Momsense Humor
Back That Truck Up! Tangled Lou Periphery Humor
Bad Moms Mourn Six Emma Waverman Bad Moms Club Parenting
Bad Romance Christie O. Tate Swaddled With Joy Humor
Bad Words - Oh Pickle!!! Stacey Maisch From Grind to Whine Heart
Bad Words - Oh Pickle!!! Stacey Maisch From Grind to Whine Humor
Balance JW Moxie The Smartness Parenting
Bald On The Run Jennifer Anderson Anderson Family Zoo's Blog Heart
Banana ANZAC Muffins - the history behind ANZAC day and a modern day ANZAC story Jennifer Delicieux Heart
Barnacle Girl Lauren Rockwell After Five Years Heart
Bathing Amy Whitley The Never True Tales Heart
Be Enough Me: The Color Yellow Kelly Pugliano Mom Got Blog Heart
Be MO' Jo Ann Darby The Girlfriend Book Heart
Beauty and Raising Girls Marina DelVecchio Marinagraphy: Empowering Girls and Women Parenting
Beauty in Death Karen Sugarpants Karen Sugarpants Heart
Becoming Real Robin Farr Farewell Stranger Parenting
Bed Head or Africa: A Letter for My Daughter Jennifer Andersen Our Muddy Boots Parenting
Bedtime Gone Bad Dead Cow Girl Dead Cow Girl Parenting
Bedtime Gone Bad Dead Cow Girl Dead Cow Girl Parenting
Been Caught Stealin': Today's Mama, Wagon Avenger Jennifer Beck Furber Baby by the Sea Humor
Before I was a Mother Kristin Mondays with Mac Heart
Before You Call the People, My Baby Does Eat Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Parenting
Behind the Disease and Drugs Patty Aizaga A Day in My NYC Heart
Behind The Veil Ellie @ One Crafty Mother One Crafty Mother Heart
Being a Daughter, Being a Mother Emily Paster West of the Loop Heart
Being Carried Kirsten Piccini The Kir Corner Identity
Being Motherless: Reflections After a Year Ashley Taylor The Dose of Reality Heart
Being Pro Choice and Talking Miscarriage Danielle Elwood Danielle Elwood Dot Com Heart
Bella Noise remembers the Baby Days Wendy Wilson Bella Noise Heart
Bereavement & Social Media Kathy Benson Bereaved and Blessed (formerly Four of a Kind) Heart
Bereavement & Social Media Kathy Benson Bereaved and Blessed (formerly Four of a Kind) Op/Ed
Best friends are the best Carol Rood Two Demented Dames Humor
Best Management Training on Earth Kathy Radigan My dishwasher's possessed! Parenting
Bested by a Methhead Lyz Lenz Humor
Better Off Without You Lori Dwyer Random Ramblings of a SAHM Heart
Beware! Elayne Kling Don't Get Wrenched Op/Ed
Beware, Robbers. We Have Bats and Knives and Lots of Vinyl Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Humor
Bex's Last Cast- Woot Woot! Heidi Ferrer Girl to Mom Parenting
Big Salads Alison Paul The Cluck and Strut Heart
Big Sky, Big Medicine. Really Big Medicine. Red Dirt Kelly The Red Dirt Chronicles Identity
Biological Clocks have Snooze Buttons – and Off Buttons, and Cords to Rip from the Wall Altogether Liz Ference Maybe Baby, Maybe NOT! Humor
Birthday Awesomeness: Happy Happy To The Guy I Made Kids With. Pilar Clark One Mom Media Visuals
Birthing Your Blog Corporate Wife Humor
Black Ken Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Humor
Black Ken Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Parenting
Blaming Duran Duran KiKi Walter Flibbertigibbet Identity
Blindsided Gwen Hartley The Hartley Hooligans Heart
Block Rocking Beats in My Head Stacy Jill Calvert Adventures in Stacyland Identity
Blog Dangerous with Love Liz Henry The Six Year Itch Parenting
Blood and Anxiety Are All In A Days Work Around Here Emma Waverman Embrace the Chaos Parenting
Blood Red Life Kristin Brumm (Wanderlust) Wanderlust Identity
Blossom Bomb Deb Grinter Bright and Precious Parenting
blossoms for bonnets Jennifer Linney bug and the sweet banana Visuals
Bone Marrow Transplant: The Big Day Leslie Fandrich Lights and Letters Heart
Bonnie is Leaving Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Heart
Boob Job After Breastfeeding? Dagmar Bleasdale Dagmar's momsense Identity
Books for Babes Stephanie Brennan People Do Things With Their Lives Op/Ed
Born in a trailer park Amanda Last Mom On Earth Heart
Born This Way?? Born That way?? Carol Rood Homschlr4ever-Loveandlunchmoney Heart
Boy Scouts aren't so bad Carol Rood Homschlr4ever-Loveandlunchmoney Op/Ed
Boy to man: Mom's hardest transition? Marcy Magiera Bella Noise Parenting
Boy With The Handlebar Mustache Pilar Clark Babble Kids Parenting
Boys Will Be Boys: Only if You tell Them They Have to Be Danielle Barnsley-Cervo Tales From This Side of The Mamahood Parenting
Boys Will Be Men Amy Heinz Using Our Words Parenting
Bra-Humbug Tracy Beckerman Lost in Suburbia Humor
braviing it Jennifer Linney bug and the sweet banana Heart
Breaking Eggs, Making Omelets: The Midlife Marriage Proposal Marci Rich The Midlife Second Wife Heart
Breast is best and formula is okay too. Fadra Nally And Nobody Told Me Op/Ed
Breastfeeding and the agony of baby's first bottle Melissa Arca Confessions of a Dr. Mom Op/Ed
Breastfeeding Promotion Tips from a Formula Feeder (Yes, you read that correctly...) Suzanne Barston Fearless Formula Feeder Op/Ed
Breastfeeding: At the Crossroads Outlaw Mama Outlaw Mama Heart
breathe in, breathe out, then don't the grumbles grumbles and grunts Heart
Bringing Sexy Back Tricia Stream Stream of the Conscious Parenting
Bringing Up Bebe? Ooh La La! Gail Paris Doodle Noodle Parenting
Bronzed Beauties Christie O. Tate Swaddled With Joy Humor
Brozed Beauties Christie O. Tate Swaddled with Joy Humor
Bruises Angie Kinghorn Angie Kinghorn Identity
Bulimarexia ~The Consequence of Impossible Standards Deborah Cruz The TRUTH about Motherhood Identity
Bullet in the Back Megan Jordan Velveteen Mind Heart
Bullying: The Dad's effect Olfa Turki OurFamilyWorld Parenting
But I'm not Sad Ginger Winters Ramble Ramble Heart
But not forgotten. Keiko Zoll The Infertility Voice Heart
Call Me A Woman Please Laurie Levin Getting = Equal Op/Ed
Can We Have a Pet? Stacey Gill Stacey Gill Ink Parenting
Can You Say Scam! Elayne Kling Don't Get Wrenched Op/Ed
Can You Tell Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Heart
Can't Buy Me Love Rachel Callahan Grasping for Objectivity Humor
Can't We All Just Get Along? Tracy Liberating Working Moms Parenting
Cancer, Red Balloons and Beauty in the Details Alexandra Alexandra Wrote Visuals
Candyman, Candyman, Candyman Thoughtsy Thoughts Appear Humor
Carefree Living OR Living Free of Care? Lindsay Simone Behrens The Quote I Wrote Identity
Carolyn & Taco Kelly Southern Fried Children Humor
Celebrating 7 Years of Marriage – How To Have A Happy Marriage That Lasts Diane Nassy Heart
Celebrating the renewal of life Sara Lind moments of exhilaration Heart
Cell #7 Jen Senecal Keekoin Humor
Ch-ch-ch Changes Anna See An Inch of Gray Heart
Child Car Seat Confession Christene Confessions From The Crib Parenting
Chink in the Stands, an Asian-American Fan's Notes Jen Wang Disgrasian Identity
Chocolate and the Curse Kate The Radula Parenting
Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies Allison Sullivan Feeding My Temple Visuals