BlogHer '12 : Voices of the Year

Voices of the Year

Welcome to the BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year submissions! This year’s categories are Heart, Humour, Identity, OpEd, Parenting, and Visuals. As you review these posts, feel free to give big thumbs-up to any that resonate with you. You can only vote for any single post once, but you can vote for as many different posts as you like.

If you'd like to submit your work, or someone else’s, please visit the Voices of the Year Nomination page. Nominations will remain open from February 23rd to April 30th.


Up to twenty (20) Voices of the Year honorees will be selected per category. The ‘12 Review Committee selects honorees, and one post per category is recognized as the People’s Choice Honoree.

Click the headers above the submissions to sort the list alphabetically, by Category, Blog Name, Blogger Name or Title. Happy reading!

For more information about the BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year, including the judging committee, selection process, or category definitions, please read our announcement post.


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Titlesort icon Content Creator Name Blog Name (if applicable, N/A if not) Category
Courageous of Crazy Joanne Tombrakos One Woman's Eye Identity
Costume Changes Joanne Tombrakos One Woman's Eye Identity
Convincing Myself. Michelle Longo The Journey Identity
Content. Discontent. Marta Lost and Forgotten Identity
Coming Out, Over and Over Carol Rood Two Demented Dames Identity
Chink in the Stands, an Asian-American Fan's Notes Jen Wang Disgrasian Identity
Carefree Living OR Living Free of Care? Lindsay Simone Behrens The Quote I Wrote Identity
Bulimarexia ~The Consequence of Impossible Standards Deborah Cruz The TRUTH about Motherhood Identity
Bruises Angie Kinghorn Angie Kinghorn Identity
Boob Job After Breastfeeding? Dagmar Bleasdale Dagmar's momsense Identity
Blood Red Life Kristin Brumm (Wanderlust) Wanderlust Identity
Block Rocking Beats in My Head Stacy Jill Calvert Adventures in Stacyland Identity
Blaming Duran Duran KiKi Walter Flibbertigibbet Identity
Big Sky, Big Medicine. Really Big Medicine. Red Dirt Kelly The Red Dirt Chronicles Identity
Being Carried Kirsten Piccini The Kir Corner Identity
Baby Fat Kami Lewis Levin The Fence: A Working Mom Blog Identity
Ask for Help Arnebya Herndon What Now and Why Identity
An Accidental Explaination The Accidental Housewife The Accidental Housewife Identity
Am I Really Fat? (the nude photos) The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful Identity
Am I Bad Enough? Amber Strocel Identity
Alone at Night Heidi Ferrer Girl to Mom Identity
A Naked Theologian Anna Blanch Goannatree Identity
a love letter from my vagina Tracy Lane tracy lane is not a virgin Identity
A Fallen Tree Becomes Re-Purposed Jeri L. Glatter The Cottage at Rooster Ridge Identity
A "deficiency" or a mental illness? Jennifer Bipolar Mom Life Identity
6 Benefits of Reading for Yourself Stacey Maisch From Grind to Whine Identity
5 Pounds. Eileen Z. Wolter A Suburban State of Mom Identity
3 Things I Learned from Military Spouses Kristle Helmuth Forget The Dog Not The Baby! Identity
2011, in one word. Donna Freedman Surviving and Thriving Identity
200 pounds in a bikini Pam Desmond Pam-a-rama ding dong Identity
20 Years Later: A letter to Chelli (my 16 year old high-school self) Rachelle Pavao Goldenberg My So-Called Geek Girl Life Identity
10 Ways To Get Some Much Needed Mommy Time Rosann Cunningham ChristianSuperMom Identity
10 Reasons Why You Can Trust Me Susan Driscoll Two Demented Dames Identity
'Merica Elizabeth Jayne Liu Flourish in Progress Identity
"Why We Write Even When We Have No Time" Marci Rich The Midlife Second Wife Identity
"Why me?" & other mature insights from Spidey's Uncle Ben Laura Tellado Holdin' Out for a Hero Identity
"To Writers!" Marci Rich The Midlife Second Wife Identity
"Take 2: I Blog, Therefore I Am" Marci Rich The Midlife Second Wife Identity
"Sweet Tweets: Of Chocolate and Twitter" Marci Rich The Midlife Second Wife Identity
"Melly Shum Hates Her Job" Jenn Bailey "When I'm Not Chasing The Rabbit". Identity
"Food and Relationships" Jenn Bailey "When I'm Not Chasing The Rabbit". Identity