General Session: Blogs to Books

Conference Event:  General Session: Blogs to Books What genre have you typically agented or specialize in and have you done any blog-to-book deals? Marian Lizzi: We do mostly nonfiction, paperback, a bit of how-to, and parenting here and there, those tend to have to have a lot of personality. We've also done a few blog to book projects. ...more
Very interesting! Thank you for sharing. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like a great ...more

Track 1: Publishing 101

Conference Event:  Track 1: Publishing 101 I love the energy in the room you can really just feel it. Doesn't matter how many times you have published, you start at the beginning every time. Personally, I have gone backwards because I started a blog after I wrote my book. I wanted to keep going. Almost as soon as I turned in the manuscript, I had started a blog and knew how I wanted to communicate. It is out of this blog that other books will come and other actual assignments have come....more
I also just read the attachment and as someone who is working on a book proposal for a memoir, I ...more

Track 2: How to Turn a Book or Two Into a Writing Career

Conference Event:  Track 2: How to Turn a Book or Two into a Writing Career AN: I'm going to start with broad questions. What is your idea of success as a writer? Opportunity? Supplementing day job? What is your definition of success? CB: My definition of success is sustaining a career. Easy to publish 1 book more difficult to continue but to do so is success. ...more
@LaundryLineDiv very nice to meet you! Glad you enjoyed our panel.more

Lunch with Dominique Browning

Conference Event:  Lunch with Publishing Veteran Dominique Browning How did you know you were a writer? How did you come to the belief that you wanted to be an editor? DOMINIQUE BROWNING: First thing I ever wrote at 15 was a letter to the editor about a incredibly sexist comment and it was published. The most thrilling thing that had ever happened to me. 10 years later I understood that I can’t make a living as a writer, but I loved the editorial world. ...more

Track 1: Your Role as Marketer in Today's Publishing World

Conference Event:  Track 1: Your Role as Marketer in Today's Publishing World RITA ARENS: What is the best thing an author can do pre-publishing to market and ensure she has platform? COLLEEN LINDSAY: One of the most important things is streamline what you do to compliment what you do in online world. Focus on the narrative. If your readers on are Twitter, be there. Historical fiction, focus on that on your blog. LAUREN CERAND: Work on building your virtual community. Seek out people who inspire you. Interact with them by leaving intelligent comment on their blog. LYDIA HIRT: Connect with reviews, so they know who you are. ...more

Track 2: Alternative Publishing Models: It's Not Only about the Printed Hardback

Conference Event:  Track 2: Alternative Publishing Models: It's Not Only about the Printed Hardback Let me introduce the panelists. Kami is founder of, it's a resource for Women and she's also the author of "I Do But I Don't". Angela's memoir Black Fish is now available and now working on a novel Chinese Dumpling Maker. Katherine is an editor at Penguin. Pete Harris runs the Penguin Development Group, imprints across the house that will go into the entertainment field. How many in the audience have published a book? Traditional verses self-publishing. We can't all be Stephanie Myers, Elizabeth Gilbert, Publishing industry is like music, self-publishing, niche, and digital distribution. ...more

Closing Session: Successful Authors... Their Different Journeys to Writing Nirvana

Conference Event:  Closing Session: Successful Authors... Their Different Journeys to Writing Nirvana We’re going to explore how these writers who were in print get to where they are now. We’ll start with Jean. JEAN KWOK: I’m a debut author and it’s Girl in Translation. I was discovered quite early and it seemed like a dream come true, I was getting taken out to lunch, film companies were calling me, but what happened was that I fell in love with a Dutch guy. ...more
Very interesting closing session! Thank you for sharing this. Having read Ann Napolitano's book ...more

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