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You Think:
Women deserve to be treated equally with men in the working world. It takes a few years before you realize you would be progressing more rapidly if you were a man. It's naave to assume the situation is improving-in fact, it's wrong to assume the situation is improving at all.

What The Facts Show:
The facts show that women are paid far less than men for full-time work and that this pay gap has not improved even one cent in more than ten years! The facts show that women are promoted more slowly than men. The facts show that the upper tiers are more readily accessible to men.

What I'll Do For You:
Each week I'll provide you with facts and backup resources. I'll give you tips that can improve your situation right away.

What I Want To Accomplish:
It's disappointing to me that new generations of women continue to enter a workforce that undervalues their work. In the 1970's I assumed we'd rapidly reach parity with men. It alarms me that young women are thinking the same thing today! I didn't speak up then-but I now believe we each have to do our part-and now I'll be speaking up every week. It's not too late to make changes. We women are smart. We'll look at the facts and scope out various ways to improve our situations. Each week I'll give you the facts about a topic and some tips for you to try out.

What You Can Do:
Make a commitment to try out these tips. If you discuss a topic with 2 or 3 other women, you'll discover more solutions for your individual problems. Take a step in the right direction by setting up a weekly lunch group. Now speak up-you can make a difference for yourself and other women-and have fun while you're at it!

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