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Contributing Editor, Britt Bravo, also blogs at Have Fun * Do Good and NetSquared. Blogher, Denise Graveline, recently posted about the launch of a new blog, Critical Mass, by the Board of Directors of the National Book Critics Circle (the non-profit organization of book critics responsible for the annual National Book Critics Circle Awards).

NBCC bloggers include Jane Ciabattari (a fiction writer, book critic and journalist), John Freeman (a freelance writer and book critic), Ellen Heltzel (co-author of Book Babes), Laura Miller (co-founder of, David Orr ("On Poetry" columnist for the New York Times Book Review), Rebecca Skloot (freelance writer and contributing editor at Popular Science magazine), Marcela Valdes (freelance writer and contributing editor for Publishers Weekly), and Art Winslow (former editor for The Nation).

In her post, The Amateur Critic vs. The Professional Critic, Skloot asks for reader responses to a Boston Globe article entitled, "Everyone's Always Been a Critic -- but the Net Makes Their Voices Count," that states,

It's hard to imagine that the Internet will eliminate professional critics ... But it will probably make these critics work harder to state their opinions clearly, wittily, and insightfully, and provide more context than the typical Web reviewer.

Let her know what you think.

Britt Bravo
Nonprofit & NGO Contributing Editor
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image via Oslo in the Summertime