Some blogs from Argentinian women

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I'm going to start by introducing a few blogs by Latin American women: general introductions rather than linking to specific posts.
Mujeres a bordo is the blog for RIMA, the Argentinian Women's Info Web. I'm enjoying the more personal blogs by Mujeres a bordo contributors!

Gabby of Pont des Arts declares, "I like making bridges that serve to unite impossibilities. I like impossibilities that motivate action. I like action that creates bridges that seem impossible." (My translation.) Gabby (Gabriela De Cicco) recently "came out" as the author of La Lesbiana Argentina, an experiment in fictional/literary blogging, a blogonovela. She's a literary powerhouse, with Woolf and Victoria Ocampo, Diana Bellessi and Barthes on her to-read pile, and laundry to do.

Irene Ocampo, another Mujeres a bordo writer, has a web site and a feminist literary/music/pop culture blog over at Café Lang. I'm reading her poetry and translations with interest, and her ongoing opinion of "Tipping the Velvet".

The Argentinian site RIMA started the "Yo aborté" campaign, for bloggers to put a button on their web page declaring "I had an abortion". What a powerful and brave statement. What do you think - could that happen in the U.S. blogosphere?


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