BlogHer '06 Session Discussion: Video on Day One

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Today we start a new series of posts. Each day we'll introduce you to one session and its speakers. We'll tell you what we were envisioning for the session, and ask you what you think. What do you want to learn? What do you want to hear? What do you never want to hear again? What would make you attend this session?

Our inaugural session up for discussion is:

Day One: Video

For the beginning or new user. We're bringing back Video Goddess Ryanne Hodson, along with Zadi Diaz, to help you walk away ready to add video posts to your blog.

Ryanne conducted the Video portion of our Audio/Video session last year, and we had to bring her back again. People wanted more time with Ryanne, so Video has its very own workshop this year. Ryanne has done a lot since last year, including writing a book on videoblogging and conducting vlogging sessions for all levels of bloggers. Ryanne is also working on vloggercon, which is happening in San Francisco next month. Ryanne couldn't really pick a favorite video amongst her many works. Apparently they're like children, and she loves them all the same! So, I went ahead and picked the one where Ryanne gets delivery on the first copies of her book. Hey, if I can help her sell some copies, why not?

Zadi is one of our BlogHer contributing editors in the Blogging & Social Media category, but that is just one of the many irons she has in the fire. Others include her site, MediaSlaves and RocketBoom, among others. Unlike Ryanne, Zadi actually pulls out and lists her favorite clips on her site. It's not hard to pick a representative one, though, because ever since she created her Hurricane Katrina aftermath video with a Green Day soundtrack, that's probably been at the top
of a lot of Best Videoblogs lists.

As for the promised equipment list:

-A laptop is about all you really need, plus either a WiFi card or Ethernet cable to get on the Internet.

-Ryanne and Zadi are going to provide pre-shot video clips for participants to work with. They'll make them available on the site before the conference, but will also bring them on some flash drives for people who forget to download them.

-It is helpful, but not strictly required to have some kind of editing software. Mac users can use iMovie and PC users can use Windows Movie Maker. Although they hasten to add: "it is completely possible to just upload raw clips without the use of editing software."

That's really it.

So there you have it. They plan to walk you through creating a videoblog post from A to Z.

Now you tell us:

What would you like to focus on?

What do you most need to learn?