What do you think about polyamory?

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A year ago, I was at the the blogging naked session at BlogHer and someone I know got up and announced she was polyamorous(had more than one committed parter)and I confess, I was a tad shocked. Here it is a year later, and I am actively interested in the whole idea of polyamoryand have been reading blogs about it-A quote on a list I read this weekend said "People who marry the way Britney Spears did her first time should not have more legal rights and obligations than me and my two men" and the wisdom of that statement made me decide to take a look forblogs that focus on polyand cover them here.
Any Gahran, author of the popular media blog contentious, came out as poly in 2005; other poly people have been writing about it all along,like graydancer and his partner cunningminx.
Why am I intrigued? Post-marriage, post-kid, the idea that it's possible for some people to live with enough openness and communication to love more than one person seems admirable--and socially subversive--reasons to pay attention,and, for me, to try to learn more.
Favorite poly reads (and sources of information):
Podcasting polyamory weekly
Loving More

Anyone have blogs they read that are by poly people that we should all check out? What do you think of this philosophy?
Inquiring minds want to know.


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