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Adrian Nyland
Manager, Information Technology

Adrian entered the world of blogging through Elizabeth, his wife’s popular food blog Adrian’s day job is Manager of IT for Carmanah Technologies, a solar and LED firm. Prior to that he worked for Smart Dolphins for over 10 years as the Vice President. His current and past roles involved bridging the gap between technology and the people. His calm demeanor, human like approach and quick wit has allowed him to help explain technology to all levels of end users.

Aki Kamozawa
Owner/Ideas in Food

Aki Kamozawa is the co-owner of Ideas in Food: a book, a blog and a culinary consulting business. She works with chefs, food lovers, and food service professionals by offering individually tailored educational workshops, photography and writing services. Aki’s job is to make them better at what they do by strengthening knowledge and increasing creativity, in and out of the kitchen. She also works on whatever other projects catch her fancy. Aki can be found at

Alex Talbot
Owner/ Ideas in Food

Alex Talbot is the co-owner of Ideas in Food: a book, a blog and a culinary consulting business. He works with chefs, food lovers, and food service professionals by offering individually tailored educational workshops, photography and writing services. Alex’s job is to make them better at what they do by asking questions, pushing boundaries, and sharing knowledge, in and out of the kitchen. He loves a good challenge and an interesting conversation.

Alice Currah
Alice Currah is the writer, photographer, and author behind the popular food blog and cookbook of the same name. In 2010 Forbes named Alice as 'One of Eight of the Very Best Food Bloggers' and she also won Saveur's first ever cover photography contest. Her writing and photos have appeared in numerous media outlets online and in print including Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Huffington Post, and many more. She also writes a weekly column for PBS Parents Kitchen Explorers. In her spare time she enjoys eating around town and spending time with her family.
Alicia McGlamory
Media and PR Manager for Masterbuilt

Alicia McGlamory is the Media and PR Manager for Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc. Masterbuilt manufactures indoor and outdoor consumer cooking products and automotive aftermarket accessories.

Amelia Winslow

Amelia Winslow is a nutritionist, foodie, and new mom who believes healthy eating should be fun and easy, not stressful or overwhelming. That's why she started Eating Made Easy, a site that answers your food and nutrition questions and offers practical tips to make eating at home easier. Next time you feel confused about what to eat, how to cook, or what to buy, head to Eating Made Easy to get Amelia's trusted, science-based advice.

Andrew Wilder

Andrew Wilder is the blogger behind Eating Rules, where he tries to convince people that healthy eating doesn't have to suck. Each year he leads October Unprocessed, a challenge to encourage as many people as possible to eat no processed food for the entire month. Last year, more than 15,000 people took part! For his day job, he provides tech support and training for other bloggers at

Anita Chu
Author, Writer, Baker

Anita Chu, also known as pastrygirl, is the creator of Dessert First, an award-winning blog dedicated to all things sweet.

Dessert First was nominated for Best Baking and Dessert Blog in Saveur’s First Annual Best Food Blog Awards in 2010. Her first cookbook, Field Guide to Cookies, was published in 2008 and her second cookbook, Field Guide to Candy, was published in 2009.

April Peveteaux
Writer, Cooker, Creator, Lady

April Peveteaux loves to talk about how much she hates gluten. Gluten Is My Bitch was established in 2011 as soon as she came out of anesthesia and was told she had the Celiac disease. After she triple-checked the facts on cake, cupcakes, and donuts, April decided to make her own damn gluten-free junk food and pine for what she misses.

Aran Goyoaga
Food Writer, Stylist and Photographer

Aran Goyoaga is the writer, stylist and photographer behind the award winning blog Cannelle Et Vanille. Named second best food blog in the world by the UK Times, Best food Photography in a Blog by Fine Cooking magazine, and one of Gwyneth Paltrow's favorites food blogs amongst others. Her blog is part of Martha Stewart's Martha's Circle of selected blogs. Some of her clients include ELLE Sweden, Hamptons Magazine, Mama, Ticings, Storey Publishing, Cravings Magazine, Cookies for Babies and many others.

Founder, OMG! Communications

Beth Lee is the kitchen-table storyteller you wish lived next door. Formally a Silicon Valley marketing professional, in 2010 Beth realized she’d rather talk about pita chips than memory chips and started her food blog OMG! Yummy. After attending her first blogging conference a few months later, Beth continued her career transformation.

Brady Evans

Brady Evans (aka Branny) started her food blog early in 2009 after noticing the lack of blogs documenting vegetarians and omnivores coexisting in the kitchen.

Bridget Ams

Bridget Ams started cooking for her family when she was eight years old, although her skills in the kitchen have matured from the cans of condensed soup she was making back then.  These days, Bridget's focus in the kitchen is split between healthy dinners and unhealthy desserts.  She prefers homemade food to takeout and whole grains to white, and she can't resist a project.  Her background in science drives her toward detailed recipe comparisons, in which similar recipes are cooked simultaneously and tested side-by-side.&nbs

Bryant Terry
chef. activist. author.

Bryant Terry is a chef, food justice activist, and author of three books, including his latest The Inspired Vegan. He is the host of Urban Organic, a multi-episode web series. His interest in cooking and community health can be traced back to his childhood in Memphis, Tennessee, where his grandparents inspired him to grow, prepare, and appreciate good food. Bryant completed the chef’s training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.

Cassidy Stockton
Social Media Specialist- Marketing

For the past seven years, Cassidy Stockton has directed the social media communications for Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, the nation’s leading miller and marketer of stone-ground natural foods.  Developing strategy and content for the company’s blog, e-newsletter, and residences of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, Cassidy is a maven of whole grain and gluten free foods. She strives to foster relevant and mutually interesting relationships with food bloggers to inspire engaging and useful content.

Cheryl Sternman Rule
Cookbook Author / Food Writer / Blogger

Cheryl Sternman Rule is the author of the new cookbook RIPE: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables (Running Press, 2012), a collaboration with photographer Paulette Phlipot. She is also the voice behind 5 Second Rule, winner of the 2012 IACP New Media & Broadcast Award for outstanding Culinary Blog.

Editor, founder, and food photographer

Christine Pittman is the senior editor and founder of, a successful contributor-based food site founded in 2015. She is also a professional food photographer and recipe developer who has worked for numerous national and local brands, and her work has appeared in various well-known online and print publications. Christine began her career by starting the blog in 2010.

David Leite
Leite's Culinaria

David Leite is the publisher of Leite's Culinaria and writer behind The David Blahg. He was the first winner ever of a James Beard Award for a website, a feat repeated the following year.

Dawn Brighid
Project Manager, GRACE

GRACE Communications Foundation is a non-profit using web-based initiatives to increase public awareness about the interconnections among food, water and energy systems, and promote sustainable and renewable solutions.  As a Project Manager for the GRACE Food Programs (,, Dawn Brighid works to educate people about sustainable food.

Diana Johnson

Diana Johnson is a professional recipe developer, food photographer, freelance writer and cooking instructor. She is the creator of, and a regular contributor at Diana is also the creative director for the husband and wife team of Diana Eric J, a media production company, and can be found in front of the camera as much as she's behind it.

Diane Cu
White On Rice Couple

Diane Cu is a professional photographer, stylist and filmaker based in Los Angeles. Fueled by her love of local culture and a home cooked meal, she loves sharing stories of amazing people from her travels. Diane's advertising and editorial work can be found in Oprah Winfrey Network, Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, Cooking Channel, Sunset Magazine and published cookbooks.

Dianne Jacob
Will Write for Food

Dianne Jacob is the author of the multiple award-winning book, Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Memoir, Recipes and More. She also writes a blog aimed at food bloggers at Follower her on twitter @diannej. Previously a newspaper, magazine, and publishing company editor-in-chief, Dianne became a full-time writing coach, author, and freelance editor in 1996.

Elisa Camahort Page
Co-Founder and COO, BlogHer

Elisa Camahort Page co-founded BlogHer, Inc., in 2005 with Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, and serves as the company’s COO. Elisa leads events, marketing, public relations and research for the company and with her leadership, the BlogHer conference business has grown from a single conference hosting 300 attendees in 2005, to five diverse events that will host over 4,000 attendees in 2011.

Simply Recipes

Elise Bauer founded Simply Recipes in 2003 and has grown it into one of the most visited recipe websites in the world. A pioneer in the area of food blogging, Elise has mentored hundreds of bloggers and inspired thousands to follow their dreams and build careers doing what they love. Elise sold Simply Recipes in April 2016 to Fexy Media, owners of Serious Eats and Road Food, and is continuing to lead and build the company.


Garrett McCord
Vanilla Garlic

Living in the city of Sacramento, Garrett McCord works as a food writer, writing teacher, and recipe developer. His blog, Vanilla Garlic, looks at how life and food intertwine through creative essays. His writing has appeared publications such as, Epi-Log, Gourmet, and Cheese Connoisseur, and he regularly contributes to the Sacramento News and Review and Edible Sacramento.

Halley Suitt Tucker
Writer, Boston Globe's BetaBoston

Halley Suitt Tucker is a reporter for the Boston Globe's section on innovation, BetaBoston. She's an entrepreneur, author and has been a tech blogger since 2002. Her books, Founders Less Than Three and Does This Startup Make Me Look Fat? explore the ways women entrepreneurs can get ahead in the innovation economy.

Hank Shaw
Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Hank Shaw runs the James Beard Award-winning website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, which explores wild food whether it's foraged, fished or hunted. He is also the author of two cookbooks and his work has appeared in magazines ranging from Field & Stream to Food & Wine. He lives near Sacramento, CA.

Jaden Hair
Steamy Kitchen

Jaden is an author of 3 cookbooks, a television chef and publisher of Jaden and her husband, Scott, have run Steamy Kitchen as a full time family business for the past 8 years.

Jaelithe Judy
Writer, Editor, SEO Consultant

Jaelithe Judy is a writer, editor, tomato wrangler, and search engine optimization consultant. She has written about politics and food policy for and, and her writing on child hunger in the United States is featured in the book Mothers of Intention. Jaelithe's political blogging has garnered the attention of CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Janet Helm

Janet Helm is the Chief Food and Nutrition Strategist in North America for Weber Shandwick.  She provides strategic counsel to a variety of food and beverage clients, including multiple food and agricultural organizations and many of the country’s best loved brands.

As one of the first registered dietitians to break into the field of public relations, Janet has created a specialty in food marketing and nutrition communications.  She has been a leader in the intersection of food, nutrition and social media.

 Janet is a nutrition blogger for WebMD and maintains

Jeanette Chen
Jeanette's Healthy Living

I’m a mother of four rambunctious boys and wife to a loving husband, who serve as taste testers for all my creations in the kitchen. My blog features healthy recipes that I make for my friends and family, including women with cancer, and my youngest son who has food allergies. I have a motto that the recipes on my blog live by: every recipe has to taste great – to be eaten, not left untouched, appeal to the eye (hopefully make your mouth water), and provide the nutrients your bodies need. 

Jennifer Perillo

Jennifer Perillo is a consulting food editor at Working Mother magazine, contributor to Relish Magazine and recipe developer and contributor for Cuisinart. Her focus is on delivering "everyday" recipes, made with real ingredients.

Jess Thomson
Blogger and Freelance Writer

Jess Thomson is a Seattle-based freelance writer and cookbook author. Her work appears in publications like SunsetCooking Light, Food & Wine, and Edible Seattle magazines.

Jess Watsky
Writer, Eater, Snarkist

Law school hopeful by day and snarky blogger by night, Jess Watsky has been snarking on your favorite food products and restaurants for three years on her website, Foodette Reviews. She has recently launched a wine critiquing website, Nobly Rotten, that will focus on exposing amateur wine-lovers to the joys of German, Alsatian, Austrian, and New World Rieslings.

Jess has been featured online at The Huffington Post, BlogHer Food, Gourmet, Foodbeast, CBS Connecticut, and more.

Jessica Goldman Foung

After Lupus caused her kidneys to fail, Jessica Goldman Foung re-focused her life and her work to study food, health, and the many ways they interact. She regularly writes for Edible San Francisco, Stanford Hospital, and, and hosts the blog on keeping a limitless low-sodium life.

Jory Des Jardins
President of Strategic Alliances, BlogHer

Jory Des Jardins co-founded BlogHer, Inc. in 2005 with Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone, and serves as the company’s President of Strategic Alliances and lead evangelist to top revenue partners. With Jory’s leadership, BlogHer has developed its own distinctive, brand of strategic partnership, helping to facilitate constructive dialogue between some of the world’s major brands and women who are social media leaders and their readers.

Joy the Baker
Cookbook Author, Baker, Blogger

Joy Wilson is the voice behind the popular blog, Joy the Baker.  She is a baker, food photographer, cookbook author, and curator of all things sweet.

Joy the Baker is a chronicle of everything from Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies and Spinach Avocado Salads, to kitten wrangling and nail polish.     

Julie Tilsner
Writer, mom, bad home cook

Julie Tilsner is a nationally-known humorist and writer for the likes of Parenting, American Baby and Redbook magazines. Author of four books, she reluctantly started blogging in 2006 and decided she sort of liked writing with no editors barking at her. Bad Home Cooking has become the receptacle for all sorts of half-baked adventures in cooking and parenting that nobody in their right minds would ever pay for, much less publish. Dig in...if you dare...

Kalyn Denny
Owner, Kalyn's Kitchen LLC

Kalyn Denny had no idea how her life would change when she started a blog called Kalyn's Kitchen in 2005 to store the recipes her friends were asking for. Since then she has retired from teaching elementary school, became a full-time blogger, and now spends most days cooking, photographing the food, writing recipe posts, sharing on social media, and doing all the other things it takes to maintain a successful blog.

Kath Younger
Registered Dietitian

Kath Younger, RD writes a popular healthy food blog read by over 15,000 visitors a day from around the world. Kath Eats Real Food, which you'll find at, is a celebration of life through the lens of food. Kath writes about everything from recipes to organization tips to encouraging readers to try new "real" foods, including wheatberries, kale chips, chia seeds, and her famous whipped banana oatmeal. Having lost over 30 pounds after graduating from college, Kath is a Reg

Publisher, cookbook author, and blogger

Kathy Strahs is the author of The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, The 8x8 Cookbook, and The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, and the voice behind the blogs,, and

A former marketer with an MBA from Stanford, Kathy founded Burnt Cheese Press, a food-focused independent publishing company, in 2015. Its first release, The 8x8 Cookbook, received the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Gold Award for Best First Book-Nonfiction.

Kelly Jaggers
Founder, Evil Shenanigans

Kelly Jaggers is a cookbook author, recipe developer, photographer, and founder of The FoodBuzz Blog Awards nominated recipe blog She began blogging in 2006 to document her culinary school adventures.  Today she specializes in creating indulgent recipes featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients ... and lots and lots of butter.

Keren Brown
Author of Food Lovers' Guide to Seattle

Fueled by insatiable curiosity to uncover every food-related spot and meet every foodie in Seattle, Keren Brown began by enrolling in cooking classes.

Kim O'Donnel
Curious cook, journalist, and author of the Meat Lover’s Meatless
Kim O'Donnel
Curious cook, journalist, and author of the Meat Lover’s Meatless

For more than a decade, journalist and chef Kim O’Donnel has dispensed cooking advice at numerous publications, including The Washington Post, Culinate and USA Today.  Kim is the author of The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook and the forthcoming Meat Lover’s Meatless Celebrations (Oct. 2012).  Based in Seattle, she is the founder of Canning Across America and a member of the James Beard Journalism Awards Committee. 

Kim Sunée

Kim Sunée is the author of the national bestseller, TRAIL OF CRUMBS: Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home (Grand Central Publishing). Trail of Crumbs was a BARNES AND NOBLE Discover pick and has been translated into Korean, Chinese, and Hebrew. She has been featured in the New York Times, Ladies’ Homes Journal, People, ELLE, and Glamour.

Kristen Herwitz
Corporate Counsel at BlogHer; Owner/Recipe Developer at

Ever since childhood, Kristen has had an unstoppable urge (frequently fulfilled, of course) to lick the batter off a bowl, spoon, finger, or any other kitchen utensil available.  Whether the desire arose in defiance of her mother’s cautioning against eating raw eggs or merely from the velvety chocolate deliciousness that is brownie batter, she can hardly say.  All she knows is that her predisposition towards tasting as-yet-unfinished products of culinary experimentation has continued to this very day. Kristen fearlessly attempts new, challenging, and someti

Lara Ferroni

Lara Ferroni is a former tech geek turned food geek who spends her days exploring the food culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Leslie Wells
President, Leslie Wells Editorial

Leslie Wells, President of Leslie Wells Editorial, has worked in the book publishing industry for 30-plus years. She has worked with cookbook authors including Melissa Clark (New York Times Dining Section author of Cook this Now and In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite), Lisa Fain (The Homesick Texan Cookbook), Joy Wilson (Joy the Baker Cookbook), Amy Atlas (Sweet Designs), Elaine Louie (New York Times Dining Section), and many more. In addition, she has worked with authors including Michael J. Fox, Mitch Albom, Dr.

Lillian Medville

Lillian Medville makes grain-free, dairy-free, cane sugar-free, and soy-free recipes for the very first time on camera at Lillian’s Test Kitchen. She calls it an “online comedy cooking show” but it's probably more of a dramedy since it’s both hilarious to watch her commentary on each recipe, but also thought-provoking to see how complex and challenging—and, yes, delicious—life with food allergies can be.

Lisa Fain

Lisa Fain is a seventh-generation Texan who currently resides in New York City. When she's not on the hunt for chile peppers, she writes and photographs the award-winning food blog Homesick Texan. She is also the author of The Homesick Texan Cookbook, which was an IACP finalist for best American cookbook, a 2011 New York Times notable cookbook, and named one of the top 10 cookbooks of 2011 by The Washington Post and Epicurious, among others. An active member of Foodways Texas and The Southern Foodways Alliance, Lisa is also a certified barbecue judge.

Lisa Stone
Co-Founder and CEO, BlogHer

Lisa Stone co-founded BlogHer, Inc. in 2005 with Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins, and serves as the company’s CEO. With Lisa’s leadership, the company has grown from an idea for a grassroots conference into a diversified media company and a Top 5 women’s network  online, according to comScore, with 2,500+ premium blog contributors, the world’s largest in-person events for bloggers, and an award-winning social hub at

Liza Barry-Kessler
JD, PhD Student

Liza Barry-Kessler is co-author of Privacy in the 21st Century: Issues for Public, School, and Academic Libraries, and has written numerous articles for bloggers and other professionals on compliance with federal laws and regulations. She is a frequent public speaker at conferences and educational programs, including the State Bar of Wisconsin, OCLC, BlogHer, and Blogalicious.

Marley Rave
Chief Marketing Officer

Marley serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) and is also currently earning her Masters in Public Administration at American University. She is a graduate of the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) Leadership Academy program and has a certificate in Public Relations from Georgetown University’s Center for Professional Development. She graduated from Ohio University with a BA in Sociology and is a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society.

Melissa Crane

Born into a restaurant family, the love for food and entrepreneurship was instilled in Melissa at an early age.Fueled by her design training, Melissa now combines her knowledge of food with her eye for design to create branding strategies for food and lifestyle businesses.

When Melissa isn’t shooting away behind a camera or designing away behind a computer, you can find her writing up a storm at her food blog, Dash of East or traveling to her next scuba diving location.

Melissa Lanz
Founder, The Fresh 20

Melissa is the author of The Fresh 20 Cookbook and founder of the online subscription service, The Fresh 20.

Melissa believes the path to health and happiness runs through the kitchen. Her healthful menu plans help thousands of people across Northern America every week to get wholesome food on the table.

Michael Ervin

Michael Ervin is a filmmaker and videographer working in Los Angeles. His hands-on DIY approach to filmmaking has allowed him to produce high quality projects with small crews and even smaller budgets. He is a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography and has been responsible for the original video content for since 2007. 

Michael Natkin
Cook, Author, Photographer

Michael Natkin is the author of His first cookbook, of the same name, came out in May from Harvard Common Press. Michael specializes in beautiful, satisfying, modern vegetarian food. His recipes have been featured by Saveur, The New York Times and GourmetLive.

Molly Wizenberg

Molly Wizenberg is the voice behind Orangette, named the best food blog in the world by the London Times, and her first book, A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, was a New York Times bestseller. Her work has been published in the Best Food Writing series and The Art of Eating, and she wrote a monthly column in Bon Appetit from 2008 to 2011.

Neysa King
Blogger in Chief

For three years, Neysa King wrote the popular food and farming blog, Dissertation to Dirt.  She has written about food issues around the web ever since, making appearances on Mrs. Q's Fed Up With Lunch, Farm Aid, Whole Foods, the Greenhorns blog, and Huffington Post Food.  She currently manages social media and blogging at Key Ingredient.  Check out her Featured Foodie posts every Friday on The Back Burner.

Paula Thornton-Greear
Vice President of Communications, Feeding America

Paula Thornton-Greear is Vice President, Communications for Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief charity. Thornton-Greear leads new and traditional media strategies to increase public awareness of the critical issue of hunger in America.  She implements creative strategies in media to spread Feeding America’s core messages and engage stakeholders in supporting charitable feeding programs.

Paulette Phlipot

Paulette Phlipot is an award-winning food, travel, and lifestyle photographer. She is the founding photo editor for Teton Family Magazine. Her most recent project is Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables (Running Press, 2012) a cookbook she photographed and co-created with writer Cheryl Sternman Rule. She is a graduate of the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, B.C. Canada. In 2008, Paulette was awarded "Best of Show” at the annual International Association of Culinary Professionals conference.

Rajashree Karwa

Rajashree Karwa (Raj) is an engineer, entrepreneur, technologist and food blogger. She has merged her passions to create Velvet Aroma, a website that takes your online cooking experience beyond the recipe search into the vibrant world of food bloggers.

Rajashree's career includes over a decade of technical leadership in the financial and media-entertainment industries. She loves applying her skills to solve large scale technology challenges as well as teaching young children the intricacies of math and computers.

Rebekah Denn

Journalist Rebekah Denn ( wakes up thinking about breakfast and goes to bed remembering dinner. She is a regular contributor to various publications, including The Seattle Times and Sunset magazine, is the winner of two James Beard Awards, and was a editorial contributor to Modernist Cuisine, "the most astonishing cookbook of our time." She is the former food editor of the former Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper, and still quite likes the term "ink-stained wretch" even though she is not at all wretched.

Sara Tetreault
Creator, Go Gingham

Sara Tetreault writes and speaks about simple, healthy, and less expensive living. From fishing and canning salmon in Alaska with her grandparents while growing up, to picking and preserving fruit with her children today, Sara cooks from scratch in her small kitchen without a microwave, grows vegetables in her urban garden, and meal plans every week as a way to save money and reduce food waste.

Sean Timberlake
Founder, Punk Domestics

Sean Timberlake is a professional writer, amateur foodie, avid traveler and all-around bon vivant. He has written the blog Hedonia with his photographer husband DPaul Brown since 2006, and he launched Punk Domestics, a content aggregation and community site for DIY food enthusiasts, in 2010.

Stacie Tamaki

What does an Advertising Art college drop out + retail sales super seller become when she grows up? An entrepreneur!

When Stacie Tamaki had the opportunity to create some bridal veils for a fashion show back in 1997 she jumped at the chance. Not because it was something she'd always dreamed of doing, she did it because it sounded interesting.

Years later her custom couture bridal accessory company, The Flirty Bride, needed a website. She thought what better way to get one than to learn how to make it herself.

Stephanie Shih
Food+Travel Photographer, Dessert Designer

Stephanie Shih is a food + travel photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Her food photography work has been featured online on Fine Cooking, Gourmet Live, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food & Wine, and Women's Health, and in print in Elle Girl Korea and Gastronomica. Shih also writes, styles, and photographs the desserts blog, which was a finalist in Saveur Magazine's 2011 Best Food Blog Awards. 

Stephanie Stiavetti
Writer, Videographer, Web and Social Media Consultant

Stephanie Stiavetti is a food writer, radio producer, videographer, and social media consultant. With fifteen years experience in corporate information technology, she continues her tech-peppered culinary wanderings by digging deeper into video, radio, and a vast array of web outlets. 

Besides her blog at, Stephanie can be found on NPR, KQED, and the Huffington Post.

Tara Austen Weaver
Tea & Cookies

Tara Austen Weaver writes about food, travel, art, and the environment. She is author of The Butcher & The Vegetarian: One Woman's Romp Through a World of Men, Meat, and Moral Crisis, and writes the blog Tea & Cookies, selected as one of the top 50 food blogs in the world by the London Times. Tara is a publishing industry veteran, having worked as an editor at several publishing companies and for a literary agent.

Taylor Mathis

Taylor Mathis (@taylor_mathis) is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Charlotte, NC. In his workshop, Taking Your Food Photography Outdoors and On Location, he will share some of the tips and tricks that he has developed through photographing food on location for clients such as Garden and Gun, Our State, and Charlotte Magazine.

He blogs about food and food photography techniques through Taylor Takes a Taste ( in addition to instructing Food Photography classes at the Light Factory in Charlotte,NC.

Terry Walters
Author, Educator, Clean Food Advocate

Terry Walters is at the forefront of the clean eating lifestyle movement. She is the author of two highly acclaimed cookbooks—the bestselling CLEAN FOOD, and CLEAN START, a James Beard Foundation Award finalist and recipient of the Nautilus Gold Book Award. Terry is dedicated to making sustainable good health both easy and delicious.

Todd Porter
White On Rice Couple

Todd Porter is a Southern California based photographer and filmmaker. After 14 years in restaurant management, he found another calling in photography and film by documenting food, people, and their stories. Todd is the co-founder of and co-publisher of

Tori Avey - Food Writer, Blogger

Tori Avey is a food writer, recipe developer and the creator of She is the resident food history writer for PBS Food and She explores the story behind the food – why we eat what we eat, how the foods of different cultures have evolved and how yesterday’s recipes can inspire us in the kitchen today.