Closing Keynote: Innovator Interview with Kim Sunée

How many of you have ever considered writing a memoir? How many consider your blog a form of memoir? How many have written something on your blog that you might not have told people in person? How many of your mothers found that? ...more
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Vittles: Vintage Food and Drink: Making a Modern Meatloaf, Manhattan, Martini or Macaroni & Cheese

Passed around vintage recipe cards from era 1929 typed up on Remington typewriter, brought a few to look at and passed around room -- this is one definition of vintage adult cocktail hour 4pm til last man standing, buttered toast with bacon grease. ...more
Loved to be a fly on the wall for this conversation. My take on vintage ties into the food of ...more

Voice: Making the Most of Kitchen Mishaps; Embracing Imperfection

This session will be broken down into 3 parts. We're going to talk about using imperfections to our advantages, owning what's not perfect about you and turning it into an advantage. Before we jump into how WE'RE imperfect, we want to know your scrambled egg mishaps. ...more

Vocation: Bootstrapping a Book Tour: Modern-Day Marketing in Today's Publishing Environment

“The single most difficult thing I've done professionally, and I've covered politics and hard news, was a book tour.” Hank Shaw. When it came time to market my book I jumped in my pickup truck and drove 47k miles through 42 states for 9 months touring the country, said Hank. ...more

Visuals: Simple Post-Processing for Food Photography: Free, Cheap, and Easy Tools

Diane: The editing software tools can be overwhelming, and the costs can be high. But there are free tools now that are fantastic. Bridget: It's easy to take photos to the next level. And it's free, so why not? With editing you can make colors more vibrant and you can sharpen images. A little editing makes a big difference. ...more
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Visuals: Taking Your Food Photography Outdoors and On Location

Taylor: Here today to talk about food photography outdoors and on location. Slide, asked room about experience? ...more

Voice: Food Bloggers as Storytellers: Telling Your Own Stories, and the Stories of Those at the Table

Rebekah: Cooking can either be practical and utilitarian or it can have all sorts of layers. Food writing comes out the same way.The most important thing is why you think something is interesting. We're here today with 4 food storytellers. ...more

Vittles: Food Techniques from the Pros

Sean: Today we are doing a panel on food techniques from the pros. We're going to dive right in to everything that we have to cover in our short time. Kathy will start and talk about how to get useful feedback from recipe testers. ...more

Vocation: Behind the Jacket: The Collaborative Process behind Publishing a Cookbook

Paulette: Photographer specializing in food, travel and lifestyle. Not a writer, but loves working on cookbooks. None of the cookbooks she got to work on were about her passion -- photographing fruits and vegetables. Rather than waiting to be asked to photograph someone's fruit and vegetable book, she asked Cheryl to join forces with her on the book she's always wanted to work on. Wanted the book to be photo-heavy, but needed content, text, recipes. Wouldn't have been able to do it without teaming up with and collaborating with Cheryl. ...more

Breakfast, Featuring Keynote: The Intersection of Brands, Bloggers, Ethics, and Opportunity

The premise of this panel…there's evolution in how we work with brands and monetize and work with platforms. We're going to talk about how we're shifting. There isn't one path to building a brand, monetizing (or not). There is no one right way. We have 2 bloggers that have succeeded, in different ways, and they are still friends. They have different philosophies in how they monetize. Brands have different approaches for innovating the way they interact with bloggers. ...more
I'm sure it's incredibly hard to cover all the conversation in a session like this, but I'm the ...more