Blogher '06 Session Discussion: Design/Style/Customization on Day One

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8th in our series introducing you to each of our BlogHer Conference '06 sessions and their speakers, and finding out what you would like to get from each session. Today, I bring you from Day One:


Want to make your blog your own? DIY or pay? And what's reasonable in time & money? Miriam Verburg and Tiffany Brown walk you thru it, plus stylesheets (CSS) and how they work.

Maybe you took the Blog in a Box morning workshop and want to dig in a little deeper. Maybe you took the Primp Your Blog morning workshop, and loved everything you saw, but wondered if you want to do it all yourself. Either way you might want to take Miriam and Tiffany's workshop that focuses on how to get your blog looking like it could only be your blog.

With some blogging platforms that means getting to know CSS (Cascading Style Sheets.) And for some of you, you may decide your time is valuable enough that you'll consider outsourcing. How do you make that time vs. money decision? Get the data in this session!

[img_assist|fid=496|thumb=1|alt=Tiffany Brown]
Tiffany Brown's firm is called Webinista, and she is a web designer so busy that she actually has this message on her blog: "Don't Hire me I've got a couple of projects going now, so my availability is limited." !!

Via Webinista Tiffany has designed everything from logos, to ad banners, to flash animations, and both traditional and bloggy web sites. She is ready to let you in on what reasonable charges should be for all that and more.

[img_assist|fid=492|thumb=1|alt=Mir Verburg] Miriam Verburg may also be known to some BlogHers as the BlogHer Conference '06 Volunteer Commitee Chair. She also runs the web design firm with the unusual name: Flink. You can check her home page for the definition of "flink." Mir is all set to de-mystify CSS, as it pertains to everything from simple Blogger blogs to complex content portals based on Drupal and other CMS (Content Management Systems.)

So, that's what we are envisioning for the session. But what do you think. What do you want to learn? What do you want to hear? What do you never want to hear again? What would make you attend this session?