If Getting There is Half the Fun...

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A few weeks ago, my mom wistfully mentioned that she had never visited Washington, DC before. I asked her if she would like to go, and we made plans to meet in DC on Friday. She lives in Chicago, and so will be flying into National Airport (sorry, but I refuse to call it Reagan) on Friday morning and I will meet her there.

As I will be coming from New York City, I faced two choices: bus or train? If I take the bus, I can take one of six buses that leave from Chinatown for only $20. However, if I go that cheap route, I also have to get to the bus 30 minutes before it leaves (meaning I would have to leave work extra early) or else they could give my seat away. There are no refunds, either. Maybe it is not such a good deal after all. There's also Greyhound, which would get me there for $35. Not bad. My problem with the bus is that I can't read while I am riding without getting nauseated. If that's the case, I have to sit for 4 hours and do nothing. Is four hours of my time worth the savings? (OK, I admit that I am making excuses now because I really want the comfort option.)

The comfort option is Amtrak. Generally, Amtrak is very comfortable and I get a lot of reading and/or writing done. On the other hand, it is $84. It is kind of hard to rationalize spending an extra $50 so that I can read a crappy book for my bookclub (or write for my blog). Maybe I can just take the bus back...

When it comes to travel, do you tend to splurge for comfort? What trade offs are you willing to make to save a few bucks? What is the best and worst travel experience you had as a result of splurging or cheaping out on a travel option?


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