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I generally hate driving (one of the many reasons why I love living in New York City), but I have many girlfriends who find it fun and relaxing. One of my friends eventually moved out of the city and never plans to return because she cannot afford to have her beloved car with her. Even if she could afford keeping her ride nearby, she is not sure she’d want to. The joys of driving stick do not lend themselves well to sitting in traffic. My other friend loves visiting her family in Connecticut so that she can get in the family car and cruise the neighborhood. They'd love The Driving Woman.

The eight women editors (Katti Ehoff, Caroline Pardilla, Donna DeRosa, Erin Riches, Michelle Magoffin, Kelly Toepke, Joanne Helperin, and Sheila Scarborough) that are the drivers of The Driving Woman clearly side with my girlfriends when it comes to ideas about wheels as a pleasurable way to spend one’s time. (Disclosure: �The Driving Woman is a blog sponsored by, “an intermediary of automotive information.�) The editors write about everything from their trips to driving tracks (from Michelle):

I'd definitely go to "The Drive" again, but next time I wouldn't waste my time on the regular track.

to referrals to other resources for women who have questions about cars, such as a link to Ask Patty(from Joanne):

The driving force behind AskPatty is Jody DeVere, currently the President of the Woman’s Automotive Association International, ( the premier women’s organization for women automotive professionals. But what most stands out on AskPatty is the impressive list of women on its advisory board, including racer Deborah Renshaw and a host of female automotive industry and business veterans…We’re also glad another site is joining in the mission to empower women in the car-buying and owning process. Check it out!

After citing a study that found that 70% of women are nervous about buying a car unless a man accompanies her to the dealership, Erin wrote:

Now, this doesn't have to be so. The details of financing or leasing of a car are often far more important then haggling over the price paid for the car itself. Granted, it takes a little bit of guts to overcome that fear of number-crunching, but once you do, it's SO worth it. Our Auto Finance Tips and Auto Finance Center have everything you need to be prepared for that nasty sit-down in the Finance office of the dealership. Even if you normally leave everything financial to your hubby/significant other, this is one area you can master... and it feels really good when you do. ..So don't be a statistic!

For those of you who think driving is recreation, here’s a great site for you. For those of us who find driving to be a chore, this site is still chock full of helpful info to things a bit easier to deal with when you can't just be the passenger.

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